Traveling versus driving – no license needed (video proof)

Note: The TWO videos are lower down the page. My comments are first, followed by the video, then points by people much smarter than me. And don’t miss the links to other pages with great content about traveling (not driving)! 

My Comments

It is worth researching if the driver’s license is only for people being paid to transport / traffic other people or goods.

Driver = Paid for commerce – truck driver
Traffic = Move goods – drug trafficking for example
Transport = Trans – port – between ports
Passenger = Paying customer
Does the gov’t have the title to thy car? Does the gov’t own thy car?

The old and common definition for the word ‘driver‘ was someone who drove a wealthy man/woman around all day. Like so many subtle deceptions, we have been taught that a man/woman operating a car is always a driver, whereas the truth may be that the man/woman is a traveler using a car.

Now it’s gets trickier because the car transforms into a ‘vehicle’ if it was possibly purchased with Federal Reserve Bank notes or if the car is being used by a ‘driver’. There’s more to learn. But the basic premise is that no entity, in the states united, can forbid someone from traveling in a car.

The word ‘traffic’ is in a ‘traffic stop‘. Traffic means to move goods, as in a drug trafficking. If someone in a costume pulls thou over and claims thou made a traffic violation, thou might want to ask him/her to prove it. They are pretending thou is engaged in commerce and unless thou refutes it, thou will be liable for the rules around trafficking. Don’t stand under / under stand their point. Don’t agree that thou is trafficking.

And thou is not moving between ports! as in trans – ports.

[Also see Good summary about traveling versus driving for state citizens.]

Jaro’s Comments

Here are details from someone named Jaro:

Driver’s license is for DRIVING, which is a COMMERCIAL activity. And the use of a car purchased with lawful money, which is NOT for profit, is NOT commercial activity, and thusly does NOT require any license.

The difference between a car bought with CREDIT from Federal Reserve (FRNs), and a car bought with REAL, lawful money (gold and silver coins), is that the car bought with FRNs is BY DEFAULT in commerce and so justly regulated by the State.
While a car bought with REAL, lawful money (gold and silver coins), is in no way in commerce, and is truly PRIVATE property protected by Public (common) Law, and so NOT subject to State regulation on public roads.

You just gotta use counter-claim in Equity in court to assert that, or otherwise avoid admitting that you’re the statutory person/defendant.

Two Videos

Here’s a video about traveling. Note the officer asks for things, but does not demand them. The officer is required to ask, but no one is obliged to provide.

Notes for 2nd Video:

“Pulled over for the third time in 8+ months and still traveling freely and this time VERIFIED the right to travel as i am WELL WITHIN THEM(my rights) to do what i’m doing. This video takes place after i have already handed him my paperwork and he has handed it back stating, “Hold tight for a minute,” and has returned to his patrol car already. As you can clearly see this isn’t some setup, i just had barely picked up my wife off of work and in fact, this officer followed me across Main Street while on Vine Street and didn’t pull me over when i pulled to the side to pick up my wife, he went on and turned down 100 West going North. We decided to go get gas first off so we turned down 100 West to goto Chevron that was down on 500 North. Low and behold he was sitting off to the side flipped around already waiting for me to continue down Vine Street, instead he flipped around behind us as soon as we passed him. No traffic violations ever happened at any point and he finally initiated the stop at the end of the street, actually in front of one my friends places. But he got what information he needed and honored his oath letting me continue to travel. He did use his emergency lights on me, but I don’t expect all cops/people/anyone to understand this as it is not the norm and we are not taught that we have an option. Travel safely my friends.” – Brian Schaff

FamGuardian Points

Here is related knowledge from

“A state Citizen has the right to travel on the public easements (public roads) without being registered. A statutory “U.S. citizen” does not. It is a privilege for a foreigner to travel in any of the several states.  If you are a statutory U.S. citizen, you are a foreigner in a constitutional state. The state legislators can require foreigners and people involved in commerce (chauffeurs, freight haulers) to be licensed, insured, and to have their vehicles registered. When you register your car, you turn over power of attorney to the state. At that point, it becomes a motor vehicle. If it is not registered then it is not a motor vehicle and there are no motor vehicle statutes to break. There are common law rules of the road. If you don’t cause an injury to anybody then you cannot be tried.

If your car is registered, the state effectively owns your car.  The state supplies a sticker to put on your license plate every time you re-register the motor vehicle. Look closely at the sticker on your plate right now. You may be surprised to see that it says “OFFICIAL USE ONLY”.(Note: In some states, they do not use stickers on the plate) You may have seen municipal vehicles that have signs on them saying “OFFICIAL USE ONLY” on them but why does yours? You do not own your car. You may have a Certificate of Title but you probably do not have the certificate of origin. You are leasing the state’s vehicle by paying the yearly registration fee. Because you are using their equipment, they can make rules up on how it can be used. If you break a rule, such as driving without a seatbelt, you have broken the contract and an administrative procedure will make you pay the penalty. A state Citizen must be able to explain to the police officers why they are not required to have the usual paperwork that most people have. They should carry copies of affidavits and other paperwork in their car. The state Citizen should also be prepared to go to traffic court and explain it to the judge.”

George and the Invisible Contracts

George Mercier offers his view on invisible contracts, on the license, and using ‘the king’s’ highway:

“Yes, an unknown and invisible Highway Contract was actually in effect when I was driving around without a License in effect; a contract was in effect that my legal Patriot mentors had specifically and adamantly told me did not exist (since I was not using the Highways for a Commercial purpose and my Driver’s License did not exist). But the Patriot advisors were point-blank wrong, and the contract did exist, as I will explain later; and the contract was invisible.” Read more in Invisible Contracts (long book, all online, and see the license part towards the end)

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14 comments on “Traveling versus driving – no license needed (video proof)

  1. Could you please show any laws and/or court cases which substantiate these claims? Are there any court cases where such people have been taken to court and prevailed? This sounds like the same old SovCit (or whatever you want to call it this year) claims which have failed for decades. Did this person file suit and win? From everything I see is a SovCit or wannabee who just wears down the cops who are attempting to avoid a confrontation. At no point does the officer concede that anything the guy says is correct. I have been searching for over a decade to find the first court case where these claims are recognized as valid and prevail. Could you please provide me with any you are aware of?
    Thank you

  2. This, of course, is absolutely not true. No one wins based on these arguments presented. They get this lunacy from “Black’s Law” and the Articles of Confederation (which lost all legal power the day the Constitution was passed). Just flat out silly to even listen to this nonsense.

  3. The guy in the top video does not know what he is saying. Yikes.

    One can travel in a car, automobile OR personal conveyance.

    One can be a sovereign state Citizen and not be a US citizen. However there are two types of citizenship of a state, one is a Citizen of a sovereign union state like California, Nevada, etc. and the other is a citizen of a federal municipality “State” like the State of California, the State of Nevada, etc.

    This all could have been avoided by him asking for the cops BOND NUMBER, which would trigger the cop to call in a higher level law enforcement person who would understand the situation.

    Never give a full name, only “My friend’s call me ___________.”

  4. All I can say is WOW! You managed to type an entire page of utter nonsense and make no correct nor intelligent argument from beginning to end. Basically if anyone needs a laugh, come here and read. The sad thing is that a very few number of people will come here and think this is true. After all, if you read it on the internet, it has to be true. The three of you that believe all of this, PLEASE, crawl back under your rock. PLEASE do not drive. It is scary knowing you are actually in public and have no common sense. Scary stuff ??

    1. I don’t ‘drive’. I travel. Driving is an occupation that can be regulated. And can be the victim of a ‘traffic’ stop. I’m not trafficking (shipping) anything. Traffic is a commercial term.

  5. Why would corupt thieves acting as pirates under admirality law the judges MOST OF ALL WHO BENEFIT from its perpetuation rule against itself and effect the coffers? You sound intelligent come on?

  6. The one inescapable, unarguable fact is that when your argument is wrong, you don’t allow anyone else to talk, as if your constant haranguing will void their common sense and the rules and laws that we ALL have to live by (and are written down, if you can read). At least you guys are good for entertainment value. I can watch HOURS of you clowns and your insane arguments.

  7. The licensing scheme setup under the color of law is Ab Initio. The, all capital letters name, of a PERSON and The federal government(s) and other known aliases are “doing business as” the Lawful United States Government in Corporate Meritime structure and jurisdiction. They are a fraud and so are any contracts we’ve ever signed without full and knowing disclosure of the rights surfeit and forefeited by said contact.

      1. The truth is right in front of us! People mistakenly think they are driving (meaning for hire and engaged in commerce). They mistakenly think they need to register their car. They mistakenly think they have passengers (customers). They don’t know the meaning of motor vehicle, which likely means car for hire.

  8. I now travel in Nevada; using Nevada Revised Statutes I sent letters to DMV, DPS, NHP, Carson City Sheriff, Reno PD, Sparks PD, and Washoe County Sheriff asking them if they found any problems with my reasons for surrendering my Registration and my Driver License. (when they sent me mail and asked why I was surrendering my DL I told them, in writing, “Not in commerce”. I also submitted a contract with a FEE Schedule for any LEO that interrupts my travel for any NON COMMERCIAL purpose. I also got a UCC financing Statement number from SOS with the natural woman being the Secured Party and the all caps name is my trade name. I have been followed twice and checked out 4 times and have not been stopped one time. /;-D No doubt there will be one cop out there who is going to show me who’s boss. Hahahaha!

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