Traveling versus driving – no license needed (video proof)

Note: The THREE videos are lower down the page. My comments are first, followed by the video, then points by other people much smarter than me. Don’t miss the links to other pages with great content about traveling (not driving)! 

My Comments

It is worth researching if the driver’s license is only for people being paid to trans-port or traffic goods or people.

They trick us with definitions! They teach us one definition in their schools, but quietly use another in their courts.

Here are the real definitions:

  • Driver = Paid for commerce – truck driver
  • Traffic = Move goods – drug trafficking for example
  • Transport = Trans – port – between ports
  • Passenger = Paying customer
  • Operating = a professional activity

The old and common definition for the word ‘driver‘ was someone who drove a wealthy man/woman around all day. Like so many subtle deceptions, we have been taught that a man/woman operating a car is always a driver, whereas the truth may be that the man/woman is a traveler using a car.

Now it’s gets trickier because the car transforms into a ‘vehicle’ if it was possibly purchased with Federal Reserve Bank notes or if the car is being used by a ‘driver’. There’s more to learn. But the basic premise is that no entity, in the states united, can forbid someone from traveling in a car.

The word ‘traffic’ is in a ‘traffic stop‘. Traffic means to move goods, as in a drug trafficking. If someone in a costume pulls thou over and claims thou made a traffic violation, thou might want to ask him/her to prove it. They are pretending thou is engaged in commerce and unless thou refutes it, thou will be liable for the rules around trafficking. Don’t stand under / under stand their point. Don’t agree that thou is trafficking.

And thou is not moving between ports! as in trans – ports.

[Also see Good summary about traveling versus driving for state citizens.]


  1. Don’t register the car – see below
  2. Get the car’s MSO – Manufacture Statement of Origin – see below.
  3. Either don’t carry the driver’s license or return it to the DMV (many people do the latter). The DL implies one is working. But one is not required to work 24/7!
  4. May need to be a State national, of one of the 50 American states. Resident (agents) and resident (aliens) may be required to have the driver’s license since they do not have an un-a-lien-able right to travel.
  5. Know the language of what is going on; shown above, in the videos, and all over this page. The policé/policy officers are trained to get thee to admit to “driving.” It’s truly a mind-bender for new people. If thou is not getting paid, thou is not driving! Thou is traveling.
  6. Watch the videos below.

Don’t give them the title! Don’t register the car!

Registering is also a nefarious setup. Regis means the king, as in the Regis Hotel. Don’t register anything! Don’t register to vote either. Don’t register thy car, then they won’t have jurisdiction over the car and can’t pull thee over.

People register their cars, and put a plate on the car confirming the car technically belongs to the state administration. Then the state policé/policy officers pull thee over to tell thee how to use it.

Since resident likely means someone working for the administration, that’s another piece of the deception. Thou walked into the DMV, then gave them title, then ‘registered’ the car, and lastly said thou is a resident, meaning an agent or alien.

Thou now has implied thou is working for the administration, hence now driving, which is business. Or thou said thou is not a state national, but instead is a resident alien, and aliens do not have the right to travel. They may in fact need a license.

In a nutshell, get the real title, not the “certificate of title”. Second, don’t give title to the state. Don’t accept the resident status. Don’t register the car. But LEARN HOW TO RESPOND TO THE POLICY OFFICERS BY WATCHING THE VIDEOS.

Manufacture Statement of Origin / Certificate of Origin

To truly own thy car, thou needs the manufacturer statement of origin or certificate of origin. Whomever has this, is the rightful owner. If thou buys a car within Indiana and needs to ship it to Greece, then Border Customs of USA will request the MSO or MCO.

Most people don’t have the MSO or MCO because the rigged system has the dealer send the MSO or MCO to the DMV. Absurd! The DMV ‘splits the title’ by letting thee possess the car while they own it. Thou receives a certificate of title, not the true title.

Meaning part of this process of asserting one’s right to travel (not drive) is to get the MSO or MCO. With new cars, this is possible but not easy. With cars already registered with DMV, then it’s more difficult, but essential.

I have called new dealers to inquire. Some know about the MSO; many do not. For example, CarMax will provide the MSO with advance notice.

Read more in my other essay: Don’t give them the title! Don’t register the car! Don’t believe thou is a resident (alien or agent)

Jaro’s Comments

Here are details from someone named Jaro:

Driver’s license is for DRIVING, which is a COMMERCIAL activity. And the use of a car purchased with lawful money, which is NOT for profit, is NOT commercial activity, and thusly does NOT require any license.

The difference between a car bought with CREDIT from Federal Reserve (FRNs), and a car bought with REAL, lawful money (gold and silver coins), is that the car bought with FRNs is BY DEFAULT in commerce and so justly regulated by the State.
While a car bought with REAL, lawful money (gold and silver coins), is in no way in commerce, and is truly PRIVATE property protected by Public (common) Law, and so NOT subject to State regulation on public roads.

You just gotta use counter-claim in Equity in court to assert that, or otherwise avoid admitting that you’re the statutory person/defendant.

Download all three videos!

Right-click the links OR hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on keyboard when clicking  mouse button

Three Videos

Here’s a video about traveling. Note the officer asks for things, but does not demand them. The officer is required to ask, but no one is obliged to provide.

See my write-up of the video below: Video: Man traveling in car (w/o plate) threatens gunfight and policé officers withdraw

Notes for 2nd Video:

“Pulled over for the third time in 8+ months and still traveling freely and this time VERIFIED the right to travel as i am WELL WITHIN THEM(my rights) to do what i’m doing. This video takes place after i have already handed him my paperwork and he has handed it back stating, “Hold tight for a minute,” and has returned to his patrol car already. As you can clearly see this isn’t some setup, i just had barely picked up my wife off of work and in fact, this officer followed me across Main Street while on Vine Street and didn’t pull me over when i pulled to the side to pick up my wife, he went on and turned down 100 West going North. We decided to go get gas first off so we turned down 100 West to goto Chevron that was down on 500 North. Low and behold he was sitting off to the side flipped around already waiting for me to continue down Vine Street, instead he flipped around behind us as soon as we passed him. No traffic violations ever happened at any point and he finally initiated the stop at the end of the street, actually in front of one my friends places. But he got what information he needed and honored his oath letting me continue to travel. He did use his emergency lights on me, but I don’t expect all cops/people/anyone to understand this as it is not the norm and we are not taught that we have an option. Travel safely my friends.” – Brian Schaff

Living in the Private

Brief Traffic Stop
“Is this a criminal investigation?”

If the answer is “No” you have established that the officer is not serving as a “Peace Officer” investigating, with “articulable probable cause”, an alleged crime against a potential or actual living injured party.

You can now say:
“I wish to leave. Am I free to go?”

If the answer is “No” you have established that the officer is attempting a “detention/seizure/arrest”, without “articulable probable cause”. If the “detention/seizure/arrest” continues, you can calmly repeat: “I wish to leave. Am I free to go?” (source)

What do they ask for?

When they pull over someone traveling in a car, they ask for:

  • Driver’s License – to prove one is a resident (alien)
  • Registration – to prove STATE OF KANSAS owns the car
  • Insurance

They do this to confirm thou is subject to their jurisdiction. They assume everyone is a subject. Must rebut the presumption.

The truth!

Thou can’t drive without a license.

Thou can’t operate motor vehicle without a license.

But thou can get in a car, turn the key, navigate it down the road without a driver’s license. 

Why? Because the third point above is not ‘driving’. What is ‘driving’? Getting paid to move cargo or passengers. Getting paid to ‘traffic’ goods. That’s why they call it traffic! It’s all commerce to them. Don’t fall for it! Snap out of it. It’s a word game.

They start with the schools where they intentionally teach the wrong meaning of words. Yes, it’s that organized. They set up the schools. Set up the incorrect definitions of words. They are a formidable foe.

But remember the checklist above. It’s about language and the driver’s license and the MCO for the car.

For teenagers!

Teenagers would be helped the most by learning this knowledge. They can use a car really at any age acceptable under common law / common sense.

Native Born Citizen Points

Read this invaluable PDF.

Title page of the PDF about driving being a con

The short answers from the Nevada Revised Statutes are …


YES, a license is required IF YOU OPERATE a vehicle that is making a “use of the highways … in a gainful occupation thereon”.

So, Reader, are YOU out there making money by your use of the public highways? THEN you need a license as a “driver” for that use, but not any other use. If you are NOT making money, then you don’t need a license.***


YES, registration is required IF YOU OWN a vehicle that is making a “use of the highways by vehicles in a gainful occupation thereon”.

So, are you the OWNER of a vehicle that is out there making money by its use of the public highways? THEN that vehicle must be registered, for that use, but not any other use. If you are NOT making money, then your vehicle is not required to be registered.***

In fact, the NRS include this EXEMPTION, quote: “the provisions of [the statutes] do not apply to: … Any person engages in transporting the person’s own personal effects in the person’s own vehicle.”

*** Keep in mind that you or your vehicle could be involved in “gainful occupation” in one hour, but not in the next hour (or all the rest of your life).

OH! But there IS one class of person that CAN be required to get driver’s licenses and CAN be required to register their vehicles, purely because of their political status and without regard to “use”. They are called “residents”.

We will talk about the two topics, “gainful purpose” and “residents”

See the rest here

FamGuardian Points

Here is related knowledge from

“A state Citizen has the right to travel on the public easements (public roads) without being registered. A statutory “U.S. citizen” does not. It is a privilege for a foreigner to travel in any of the several states.  If you are a statutory U.S. citizen, you are a foreigner in a constitutional state. The state legislators can require foreigners and people involved in commerce (chauffeurs, freight haulers) to be licensed, insured, and to have their vehicles registered. When you register your car, you turn over power of attorney to the state. At that point, it becomes a motor vehicle. If it is not registered then it is not a motor vehicle and there are no motor vehicle statutes to break. There are common law rules of the road. If you don’t cause an injury to anybody then you cannot be tried.

If your car is registered, the state effectively owns your car.  The state supplies a sticker to put on your license plate every time you re-register the motor vehicle. Look closely at the sticker on your plate right now. You may be surprised to see that it says “OFFICIAL USE ONLY”.(Note: In some states, they do not use stickers on the plate) You may have seen municipal vehicles that have signs on them saying “OFFICIAL USE ONLY” on them but why does yours? You do not own your car. You may have a Certificate of Title but you probably do not have the certificate of origin. You are leasing the state’s vehicle by paying the yearly registration fee. Because you are using their equipment, they can make rules up on how it can be used. If you break a rule, such as driving without a seatbelt, you have broken the contract and an administrative procedure will make you pay the penalty. A state Citizen must be able to explain to the police officers why they are not required to have the usual paperwork that most people have. They should carry copies of affidavits and other paperwork in their car. The state Citizen should also be prepared to go to traffic court and explain it to the judge.”

Be careful. This man got himself killed.

Sad report from Utah of a man likely traveling without DMV plates and without a driver’s license. Local policé/policy officers pulled him from car, saw a gun, and shot him. The man should have operated under protest and duress and obeyed people threatening his life. He could have sued them for false imprisonment later.

Read more here: Traveler without license resists arrest. Policé officers kill him.

George and the Invisible Contracts

George Mercier offers his view on invisible contracts, on the license, and using ‘the king’s’ highway:

“Yes, an unknown and invisible Highway Contract was actually in effect when I was driving around without a License in effect; a contract was in effect that my legal Patriot mentors had specifically and adamantly told me did not exist (since I was not using the Highways for a Commercial purpose and my Driver’s License did not exist). But the Patriot advisors were point-blank wrong, and the contract did exist, as I will explain later; and the contract was invisible.” Read more in Invisible Contracts (long book, all online, and see the license part towards the end)


It comes down to this:

  • Living man: free to travel, in a car, without license
  • Corporate fiction: What thou thinks is thy name, is actually the name of a corporation (or trust) that they created when you were born, and you mistakenly use this as your (ID) entity–as your business name. A business needs a license to engage in commerce.

Thou was born. The corporate fiction JANE SMITH was birthed. Thou is using the corporate fiction as thy playing piece in the world of commerce and this gets thou into a world of trouble and pain.

When they pull you over and ask for thy name, the correct answer is: “My given name is Jane. My family name is Smith.” Never ever connect them, because that is the name they gave to the corporate fiction.

This is why the microprint on checks reads “Authorized Signature” because you are authorized to sign for this JANE SMITH corporation.

So the living woman can travel, if the woman states that she is living and existing as a woman and NOT AS A PERSON/CORPORATION.

Corporations need licenses to do anything.

A living man or woman has the freedom to engage in business without restraint.

As for speeding tickets

This is an excerpt from this

July 2022 update! Here’s another video

Video of a man traveling in his conveyance yet stopped by the policy officers. He held his ground and emphasized the following:

  • He was not driving. He was traveling.
  • Drivers are taxi drivers and bus drivers.
  • He is not a mister/master of a boat. He is just called by his name.
  • He had a common law paper to show who he is. [not sure this was needed]
  • He held his ground even though they offered to arrest his body/boat. They offered many times and he did not back down!

Walking vs Acting; Driving vs Traveling; Is thou getting paid!

If someone is walking, they are walking. If someone is paid to walk, they are likely acting.

if someone is using a car, they are traveling. If someone is paid to drive someone or something around, they are driving. Driving is an occupation. A processional task.

If a policy officer pulls someone over, the first question is may I see a driver’s license. The answer is me is not driving. Question the premise!

If thou is getting paid, thou is driving. If thou is working for uber, thou is driving. If thou is just driving to the store and back, thou is traveling in a car or using a car.

If thou is cleaning the bathtub, thou is cleaning the bathtub. If thou is getting paid to clean the bathtub, then is a maid. If thou is using a car, thou is a man or woman using a car. If thou is getting paid to use the car, thou is a driver.

Just imagine if a policy/police office-r knocked on your door and said you need a license to clean your bathtub. Because the officer is assuming thy is running a business without a license. Wouldn’t that be odd! Well it’s just as odd to accuse thou of driving if it’s pretty evident thou is not moving people or things for hire!

Driving is Commerce

Excerpt from the brilliant site, Living in the Private.

There is no law or statute that requires a private motor-powered conveyance to be registered, nor any law or statute that requires a private man or woman to possess a driver license or insurance.

However, if you “register” a motor-powered conveyance it becomes a “vehicle”, subject to all the commercial traffic codes, rules and regulations (and penalties). You become a commercial transport operator, involved in the transportation of goods or passengers for hire, compensation, or profit. This is because a de jure public state has the delegated power of the private people to create, by legalisation, fictional entities for the purpose of commerce, and therefore the state has a right and duty to regulate its corporate franchises when they are used on the public highways for commercial gain. In short, the state controls its creations.

“Legalisation” (entry by contract into commerce) occurs primarily through “registration”, “licensing”, “certification”, “securitization”, and “general deposit”.

Read more at Living in the Private

They do the same thing with the word ‘person’ and the port-pass

This topic made me realize that as the word ‘driver’ means to be acting in commerce – specifically trafficing, the word person implies acting in commerce as well.

When stopped outside of one’s car, the policies officers will ask for ID-entity to know if thou is acting as a person.

I will soon write about how the port-pass (passport) is yet another method them turning a normal activity into commerce. When using the port-pass (passport), thou is stating thou is moving from port to port and trans-porting something. It’s been said that we are all self-carrying luggage.


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35 comments on “Traveling versus driving – no license needed (video proof)

  1. Could you please show any laws and/or court cases which substantiate these claims? Are there any court cases where such people have been taken to court and prevailed? This sounds like the same old SovCit (or whatever you want to call it this year) claims which have failed for decades. Did this person file suit and win? From everything I see is a SovCit or wannabee who just wears down the cops who are attempting to avoid a confrontation. At no point does the officer concede that anything the guy says is correct. I have been searching for over a decade to find the first court case where these claims are recognized as valid and prevail. Could you please provide me with any you are aware of?
    Thank you

    1. Not only are what these people saying about our right to travel freely and unencumbered from the State factual and true just simply read the Constitution., here is one of many success stories including myself. I recently had a case on a driving on suspended license dropped to a driving without a license I consider it a win for sure.

    2. I don’t think they (the government/powers that be/courts) want anything set in stone in official court record. So no, you probably won’t find any real case laws regarding winning or suing regarding this specific matter. Though there are actual case laws defining certain terms, status’’ etc. Often times things of this sort are dismissed and not recorded because once it is, it’s free game for anyone to use in the court of law as a defense to their case. They do not want anyone to know or use this information or admit that it is valid because they will loose their slaves.

  2. This, of course, is absolutely not true. No one wins based on these arguments presented. They get this lunacy from “Black’s Law” and the Articles of Confederation (which lost all legal power the day the Constitution was passed). Just flat out silly to even listen to this nonsense.

    1. Does simply go look at the definitions Under the UCC code the code that all Enforcement Officers enforce and where their definitions come from and you can clearly see that these definitions only pertain to people driving in Commerce we all got tricked including yourself into being conditioned to think that we have to have a license or permit and or permission😂😂 from the government to be able to go about our business on the roadways. Come on you really think the government is above the Constitution??? you’re sadly mistaken.

      1. Amen brother. They once said ignorance is bliss but now one mans ignorance is another man’s imprisonment. know your rights we must stand up for them before we loose all of them.

  3. The guy in the top video does not know what he is saying. Yikes.

    One can travel in a car, automobile OR personal conveyance.

    One can be a sovereign state Citizen and not be a US citizen. However there are two types of citizenship of a state, one is a Citizen of a sovereign union state like California, Nevada, etc. and the other is a citizen of a federal municipality “State” like the State of California, the State of Nevada, etc.

    This all could have been avoided by him asking for the cops BOND NUMBER, which would trigger the cop to call in a higher level law enforcement person who would understand the situation.

    Never give a full name, only “My friend’s call me ___________.”

  4. All I can say is WOW! You managed to type an entire page of utter nonsense and make no correct nor intelligent argument from beginning to end. Basically if anyone needs a laugh, come here and read. The sad thing is that a very few number of people will come here and think this is true. After all, if you read it on the internet, it has to be true. The three of you that believe all of this, PLEASE, crawl back under your rock. PLEASE do not drive. It is scary knowing you are actually in public and have no common sense. Scary stuff ??

    1. I don’t ‘drive’. I travel. Driving is an occupation that can be regulated. And can be the victim of a ‘traffic’ stop. I’m not trafficking (shipping) anything. Traffic is a commercial term.

    2. You want to know something even more funny is the fact that you have no idea literally what you’re talkin about you’re basically saying that the constitution is not real?? Oooh boy you can’t get mad ignorant people looks like you’re going to get a little learning session today. Many Supreme Courts have already acknowledged that we have the right to travel and it is a privilege to drive so get your facts straight go look up the UCC codes and look up the definition for yourself there’s a lot more than just three people that understand this to be true is the other side conditioned side that has a belief system. This is our constitutional right to be able to travel freely and unencumbered from molestation or tyranny do your due diligence.

  5. Why would corupt thieves acting as pirates under admirality law the judges MOST OF ALL WHO BENEFIT from its perpetuation rule against itself and effect the coffers? You sound intelligent come on?

  6. The one inescapable, unarguable fact is that when your argument is wrong, you don’t allow anyone else to talk, as if your constant haranguing will void their common sense and the rules and laws that we ALL have to live by (and are written down, if you can read). At least you guys are good for entertainment value. I can watch HOURS of you clowns and your insane arguments.

    1. That’s most ignorant statement I’ve ever heard. You all are basically stating that the Constitution doesn’t pertain to the government as the Constitution was strictly enforced rules placed on the government by the people to protect the people from the government. The funny part is do you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about just like the rest of these conditions ignorant folks because you say something about law? Lol sir they push codes and statutes that is not law so get your s*** straight the only law that’s pushed as by the people constitutional law these codes and statutes that police officers enforce are not law you guys are too funny go do your due diligence do some research try reading the Constitution for once in your life might do you better than you ever thought.

  7. The licensing scheme setup under the color of law is Ab Initio. The, all capital letters name, of a PERSON and The federal government(s) and other known aliases are “doing business as” the Lawful United States Government in Corporate Meritime structure and jurisdiction. They are a fraud and so are any contracts we’ve ever signed without full and knowing disclosure of the rights surfeit and forefeited by said contact.

      1. The truth is right in front of us! People mistakenly think they are driving (meaning for hire and engaged in commerce). They mistakenly think they need to register their car. They mistakenly think they have passengers (customers). They don’t know the meaning of motor vehicle, which likely means car for hire.

  8. I now travel in Nevada; using Nevada Revised Statutes I sent letters to DMV, DPS, NHP, Carson City Sheriff, Reno PD, Sparks PD, and Washoe County Sheriff asking them if they found any problems with my reasons for surrendering my Registration and my Driver License. (when they sent me mail and asked why I was surrendering my DL I told them, in writing, “Not in commerce”. I also submitted a contract with a FEE Schedule for any LEO that interrupts my travel for any NON COMMERCIAL purpose. I also got a UCC financing Statement number from SOS with the natural woman being the Secured Party and the all caps name is my trade name. I have been followed twice and checked out 4 times and have not been stopped one time. /;-D No doubt there will be one cop out there who is going to show me who’s boss. Hahahaha!

    1. Hey there 👋 id love to get some more detailed info on how/what steps i can follow in my search for the same thing you’ve described about your ‘drivers’ license/registration. I just got pulled over with an expired drivers license/registration (ticketed for the registration), even though i said i was traveling and i know i dont need a license/registration for non-commercial traveling.
      Can u help me figure out how to navigate myself towards your peaceful travelings?
      Thank you 🙏

      1. If thou gave the title to the DMV, they may own the car, and can then mandate how thou uses it. Maybe get back the title. Thou may have to renounce the license. Also, ask what would happen to thee if thou did not sign whatever they give thee. If they say they will arrest ‘you’, then sign with “under duress”. I’d like to add that one may be able to engage in trade on the land while using a car; ‘commercial’ uses the root ‘mer’, which means sea, and implies it’s on the water, where they have more control. Must rebut this and say on the land. Also check Santos Bonacci – And living in the private:

    2. I’m curious as to your statement about having a contract with a fee. Doesn’t having a contract with any government agency bind you to the government and all its laws, codes, privilege’s etc? I thought the point of freedom is the unalienable right protected by our creator and not the government.

  9. I have sent DMV NOTICE OF NONE COMMERCIAL TRAVELER and that I am not a driver and I told them to cancel all contracts and recend my signature for non verification. I informed them if they fail to respond and comply with my request they will full commercial liability and default judgment for 150,000. I am getting ready to have them send me exempt license plates by court order. Does my request make any sense?

  10. they took your link down because you were awaking the people! its says your video had been removed because the user violated the youtube community guidelines.

  11. Driving- operation and handling of a vehicle, such as a a car, truck, motorcycle or bike
    The definition states nothing about commerce or earning a living
    You’ve taken a definition and bent it to fit your narrative
    I’d bet all who try this get found guilty in the end

    1. Hi Vin – Driving has always been a profession; as in truck driver, taxi driver, and the classic chauffeur driver. Using a car to travel from A to B is not driving. Further, motor vehicle, which is odd phrase on its face, is the term used to describe a conveyance registered with the DMV; meaning the DWV owns it. As far as I know, a car is not a motor vehicle unless it has been registered. WHile it is true that we all lean towards having things fit to our narrative, that does not apply here.

  12. Why can no one simply give a clear and accurate answer about your Right to Travel Freely? From what I have read it is a fundamental unalienable Right to travel freely in your automobile on public roadways and highways without requiring paperwork, without being encumbered by corporate police. Only Drivers of commercial are required all paperwork. There is so many conflicting comments and opinions, its only made it more confusing. I have read over a dozen Supreme Court cases and their rulings. Just so we are clear the Supreme Court has ruled “The people have an unalienable RIGHT to Travel Freely on Public roadways, whether that be by wagon or horse drawn carriage. This is established by a fundamental right under God, which is why it is not addressed in the Constitution.” Such as a fundamental right to basic human needs, we do not need a Constitution to tell us what those needs are. All rulings were in favor of the defendants except 1 that involved an injury. Nothing was mentioned if the Defendants were US Citizens or State Citizens. I understand this was established before the 1871 Act and the treasonous illegal and unlawful act by Congress. Clearly I will continue to search for a more simple and accurate answer.

  13. NY state session laws of 1904 differentiate between automobile and motor vehicle with the word OR.This delineation is paramount in law and is evidence of a statutory conversion.Liscense is for chauffeurs and operators.Read the NY V&T Law(code).

      1. Historically, what did “operator” refer to?
      2. Does thou have a link to the NY 1904 law or statute?
  14. One thing I have learned for sure after about 15 years of traveling in my unregistered car without government permission (license) is that there are always going to be people so entrenched in the public fraud system they are almost impossible to save. Freedom is not for everyone sad to say. Not worth our time. People who are good at social math (they can see when things don’t add up) need just to love the truth and know that is is buried below the surface. It is no wonder they can’t see it. The surface is where all the BS and deception is piled. One will never find it unless they dig, sometimes even just a little! With me it started with just one discovery that few knew but was proven. I could have stopped there. (Blue Pill) I wanted to know everything I could that I wasn’t supposed to know and over the years found a ton of it. Some folks are comfortable being a slave and of course the best ones refuse to know they ARE slaves. A perfect system for them. Let them stay. Find those like me that value truth and freedom. Neither are jokes.

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