Traveler without license resists arrest while open EDC. Policé officers kill him.

A disturbing news report of a traveler murdered by policé officers hints that the traveler may have been traveling, not driving, on a highway in a car not registered to the local DMV Inc. Since it was not registered with DMV, meaning DMV did not own the car, the man used his own plate to show he owned it.

[Policé chief] Johnsen said that Allan was pulled over for driving with an illegitimate license plate.

UPDATE: FOX News: Utah man shot multiple times by police during traffic stop possibly tied to sovereign citizen movement

Since the man was not ‘driving’ but instead traveling, the man refused to provide ID-entity card.

The police chief said that based on body camera video from the incident, Allan “rolled the window of the vehicle down only a few inches and refused to provide identification or cooperate with the officer in any way.”

The fatal mistake of the traveler was to stop them from arresting his ship (his body). He should have known he could sue them later for kidnapping, false imprisonment, etc.

He said that when the officer opened the door, another officer yelled “gun, gun, gun!” Afterward, Johnsen said that a struggle ensued and “gun shots could be heard,” adding that an “empty holster can be seen on Mr. Allan’s right hip and a handgun can be seen lying on the driver side floorboard of the vehicle.”

I have seen videos where the traveler threatened a gun fight when the policé officers pulled him over. Those officers let me leave.

But if they don’t, then follow the advice of the AntiTerrorist:

“Officer, I am a peaceful man. There will be no need for force or violence. However, thou is obliged to note that I am acting under protest and duress at all times.” (more)

I would add:

“I do not understand anything thou says.”

Under-stand means to agree.

This quote from the family shows the man was studying law. I’m sorry the policy officers murdered him for not having the DMV’s ownership tag on his car.

He has been studying law the last few years and was a patriot doing what he could to defend the people’s freedom and liberty in his community,” the statement reads. “Chase Linde Allan was a gracious, loving soul who was known by everyone in his community to be caring, thoughtful, and kind and would do anything for someone in need.

See the article.

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