When they ‘give’ an order, are they really placing an order? With a lot of yelling and mean looks.

Since most governments have incorporated, they are now corporations, and can only deal with other corporations. When their policy/police officers and magistrates give orders are they really placing an order?

If they are, then that order can be declined.

i can’t ignore it, as that it seems will place me into contempt or I guess it’s just rude to ignore offers and orders. So I must politely decline the order and suggest they find a merchant who can help them. See Macy’s Santa directing a mom to another store.

I had already written that it’s a purchase order but I just couldn’t help see the similarities between someone giving an order and someone placing an order. Helps to recognize they are dealing in corporate matters and commerce.

In this video, it’s said that when the magistrate threatens to arrest someone, that’s a counter-offer.

  • First offer: Judge offers to adjudicate the matter.
  • Counter offer: Man-on-the-land says he objects to the whole thing
  • 2nd offer/counter-offer: Judge offers to arrest the man
  • Counter offer: Man-on-the-land politely says declines the arrest service

It’s all offers and orders, in commerce. It’s like the floor of a stock exchange; a lot of action!

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One comment on “When they ‘give’ an order, are they really placing an order? With a lot of yelling and mean looks.

  1. The more I am enlightened of my God Given Rights the more I see of the corporate corruption instilled in every facet of our world!

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