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Supreme Court to review strip search of student

UPDATE: Supreme Court rules strip search unconstitutional, saying that only when student safety is at risk may school officials strip search students. The search of her backpack and outer clothes was permissible, not searching her underwear! The ruling was 8

Your Right to Forbid a Strip Search

After being searched by her teacher, a student at an Oregon government middle school, said, “I didn’t want to argue, I didn’t know my rights — nobody told me.”

Strip-searched students receive $5,000 each

A Greene County, Virginia High School settled a law-suit over a mass strip-search by paying $5,000 to each of the 28 students named in the suit. The original strip-search occurred in May 1997 when a student reported $100 missing from

Students win $450K settlement due to strip search

With the help of their parents, five boys, aged 10 to 11, successfully sued the city of New York for unlawfully strip searching them while in attendance at a government (aka public) school in New York. The boys filed a

Bomb-note writer wins in court, now takes on school

Brian Werries thought his school administration was overreacting after the Columbine massacre. He could not have been closer to the truth.

Supreme Court allows search of car passenger belongings

The Supreme Court ruled that when police are searching for criminal evidence against a driver, they may also search the personal belongings of passengers. This ruling increased the already considerable power of police to search a driver without a warrant.

Students Stripped to Find Stolen CDs

(3/3/98) Think the government wants to protect your rights? Think again. In January, as many as 30 teenagers were forced to strip down to their undergarments by government school teachers, who were searching for stolen CDs, money and makeup. The