“You cannot operate motor vehicle without a license.” Well, me not engaged in operation, me is traveling, so no license needed. Me using the auto, not operating it.

While speaking to a policé officer the other day about automobiles, he kept using the word ‘operate‘ or the phrase ‘operate the vehicle‘. Lo and behold, the word ‘operate’ has many meanings, many of which refer to work! The officer is trying to claim a person/franchise is operating a business and activity that is under […]

Statute of Limitations is a statute, not common law. ‘P Diddy’, ‘Kevin Spacey’ and others could be tried by a jury

Lots of talk lately about the statute of limitations in various states and cities after release of video of ‘P Diddy’ beating his girlfriend in the hotel hallway eight years ago. Everyone throws up their hands when the District Attorney (which district?) says the crime occurred beyond the statute of limitations. Well I expect in […]

We have un-alienable rights, not constitutional rights. Cite Declaration of Independence, not Constitution

We don’t have 2nd Amendment rights. We don’t have a constitutional right to carry a firearm. Instead, we have unalienable rights to defend ourselves and join together to form a militia. These rights were stated in the Declaration of Independen Further, the Constitution for the United States of America is a limit on the federation […]

In many cases, it’s not the government. It’s a corporation created by the government.

Spoke with someone the other day who was concerned about battling the government about allodial title, driving vs traveling, etc. Well, the truth is that in many cases, it’s a corporation sending the letters and that corporations policé/policy force upholding statutes, not laws. We are free people and to get around that, the governments, which […]

Federation not claiming jurisdiction over the states. The two-letter regions and the Justice districts prove this.

Nothing changed after the ‘civil war’ in terms of federal jurisdiction with respect to the 50 united States. United States, in Congress assembled, claims jurisdiction over bodies we think are the 50 States, but in fact are just federal areas within the states. United States claims jurisdiction over entities like “CA” and “Northern District of […]

US Code Title 35: ‘United States’ defined as USA, territories & possessions. Most times defined as just congress and the territories.

The patent process and office seems to be part of United States, in Congress Assembled, not part of United States Inc.. In US Code Title 35, this may be the first time I’ve seen ‘United States’ defined as including ‘United States of America’, the phrasing from the constitution. (c) The terms “United States” and “this […]

They used to speak French. Now they speak Legal. Legal society uses same words, but different definitions.

Interesting that we accept the dictionary has the everyday ‘definition’ of a word and also the ‘Legal Definition’ of the same word. They don’t hide the fact that they are speaking a different language with different definitions of the same words. Not surprising since the rich used to speak French, even in England, while the […]