Diagram: USA can’t control people, so they created corporations and taught us to answer for them

The diagram below illustrates how they create an LLC to deceive people into not asserting their unalienable rights. Scroll down for an explanation. The people created United States of America. That alliance is managed by United States, in Congress Assembled. Congress has limited powers, enumerated in the constitution. So they created a corporation called UNITED […]

Correct the W2! Someone made a false claim against me, I need to correct the record. Rebut the claim.

Now that we’re in tax season, it’s important to correct any erroneous claims on W2 forms. See sample letter below. Only do this if thou really knows what this all means. Those still brain-washed might get themselves accused of making ‘frivolous’ claims. So proceed carefully. A frivolous claim is something that contradicts a pre-existing premise. […]

5 USC 104 proves the gov’t has corporations. One is USPS. Another is likely UNITED STATES. Plus review of 1871 act.

Here i review that the federal government can create corporations, the USPS is one of them, and the 1871 act created one as well, called District of Columbia, and that corporation may do business as UNITED STATES, as many claim. 39 USC 201 establishes the USPS corporation. There is established, as an independent establishment of […]

Audio: Federal Income tax applies to only federal work

Related 1040 NR for Non-resident Aliens – Texans, Bolivians, Floridians, Japanese, etc The Income Tax — A legal tax combined with a grand deception Tax form says ‘individual’ means ‘sole-proprietor’. Individual is not a man. It means a company, an entity. Cracking the Code book Bob’s Bicycles – short story about how we got into this mess […]