Audio: Federal Income tax applies to only federal work

Related 1040 NR for Non-resident Aliens – Texans, Bolivians, Floridians, Japanese, etc The Income Tax — A legal tax combined with a grand deception Tax form says ‘individual’ means ‘sole-proprietor’. Individual is not a man. It means a company, an entity. Cracking the Code book Bob’s Bicycles – short story about how we got into this mess […]

New Handout – Nine Pages – Introduces key points from this website. Share IRL or via email

Excited to share this nine-page handout that introduces some of the main points on Educated in Law. Scroll below or download. Within the embedded viewer below, there is a floating toolbar with a button to expand the viewer to full screen. Click the button with four arrows pointing to the corners. Print this handout, place […]

Escape Tickets, Courts, and the IRS “Escape Harassment”

Copied from a site that is no longer online.  Also see this page. Introduction “Escape Harassment” is a Volunteer Group of Researchers and Educators. The American people ‘think’ they live in a “Constitutional Republic”, the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. They are brainwashed/ indoctrinated (education by omission) into “Democracy” (mob rule), by […]