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The USofA is a Union, not a Nation-State, and Why This Matters

When referring to The United States of America, President Lincoln called it a union, not a state or country. Lincoln said, “I do not expect the Union to be dissolved.” We have been mistakenly taught in schools, through songs, and

Citizen of New York described as Nonresident Alien

In a famous tax case (Brushaber), a man from New York describes himself as a citizen of New York. After the case, the Treasury Department, in an official memo, refers to him as a nonresident alien. I am not bringing

The book, U.S. of A. v U.S.: The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State

The manager of highly recommends this book: U.S. of A. v U.S. The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State (Affiliate link or standard link). He said “the book USA vs. US is a ‘must-read book’ [though] what

Five interviews with NativeBornCitizen manager, from the show Shell Games

I recommend five interviews (linked below) with the manager of and who tweets at ‘I am a true Sovereign People‘. He was a guest on the show Shell Games. Here are some points covered: “Any information you provide to them,

Traveling, not driving, for state Citizens

Good summary about traveling versus driving and a car versus a motor vehicle, from FamGuardian: “A state Citizen has the right to travel on the public easements (public roads) without being registered. A statutory “U.S. citizen” does not. It is a

Taylor Swift writes about ‘State of TN’ not Tennessee

Map of USofA with 'Tenn' abbreviation and other actual abbreviations

For a singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift wrote an awkward post about voting. She said she will ‘be voting in the state of Tennessee’ rather than just Tennessee. She encouraged everyone to ‘register to vote in the state of TN’. Whoever wrote

Packers stadium displays odd three-stripe flag not Wisconsin flag

At a recent Green Bay Packers, the pre-game show had a huge, unrecognizable flag with three broad stripes, of red, white and blue, and less than 50 stars. Could this be a flag for a North American union of USA,

Affidavit for passport, by Roger Sayles

See this affidavit for a passport, shown below, written by Roger Sayles, in which one asserts that one is a state citizen (e.g., Californian), not a U.S. Citizen (e.g. Federal Citizen; e.g., Puerto Rican). Since reading the six papers from

Regulation says “subject to its jurisdiction”, and clarifies the 14th Amendment

A tweet from @nothanksIRS clarifies the awkward wording of 14th amendment by citing a clearer regulation: It says a “citizen” is a person “born or naturalized in the United States” AND “subject to ITS jurisdiction”. So citizen = subject “U.S.” here

When they say ‘you are…’, they are saying ‘you all are…”

The phrase or verb formation ‘You are’ is always plural and to make this point, just pretend to hear ‘You all are’. This came to mind when I overhead a Southerner saying, ‘C’mon y’all’. The phrase ‘y’all’ came about naturally