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Worship – War Ship – Ship of War – It’s not a church, and it’s not a country

People are fooled by words. People thought they were joining a church or a group focused on a god, but instead they joined a maritime operation – a War Ship or Ship of War. Similarly, today, people think they’re joining

Say (or write) “Am I the defendant?”

I updated the popular court case page by more of the simple Karl Lentz approach. Don’t admit to being the defendant The thrust of this approach is that one does not admit to being the defendant. In a Karl Lentz

Don’t go North West

I think the key is the North West Ordinance, officially called Ordinance of 1787: The Northwest Territorial Government. This created a government for the North West territory. That government is called…wait for it…United States. United States (two words) is the government

Kurtis Kallenbach video about hospital ruse

Here’s another great interview with Kurtis Kallenbach about the ruse that goes on at hospitals and how the bible explains metaphorically how to avoid the trap. I recommend jumping to all the portions when Kurtis speaks.

“You” live “in” a state because “you” is a corp in a folder

I think Karl Lentz said one cannot stand “in” the parking lot because that means one is in the asphalt of the lot. One can instead say, “I am on the parking lot.” Related to this, I think the phrase

The reason prohibition had an amendment but not the drug war…

Decades ago I heard a speaker say emphatically that the country had gone downhill because whereas the government needed the 18th amendment to make alcohol (a drug) illegal (or really unlawful), it had made many other drugs (heroin, etc.) illegal

MP stands for the microprint on checks.

Suddenly the post about the microprint on checks is getting traffic so I added that bank checks also have the letters MP beside the signature line. MP stands for microprint, meaning the line where one signs ‘the name’ is actually

They ask if you’re a Resident, not if you live here

Funny how many entities will ask if thou is a resident of a state, rather than just ask if thou lives in the city or county. I think they do this because resident is the title for a government official or someone

European Union actions may mimic how perception of united States was changed

I just read an article that described people living ‘in’ the European Union as Europeans. This sounds harmless until the EU decides to create a term called ‘European’ and define that term as someone who is under the jurisdiction of the

Roger Sayles and the 14th Amendment

Roger Sayles said the 14th Amendment, passed in the mid-1800s, was actually a set up for action 80 years later. I expect he means that since the 14th Amendment applies to persons, it is the corporate persons people started using