Updated diagram of USofA, United States, UNITED STATES, and more!

Just want to clarify a few things:

  • United States is different from United States of America. When the president speaks, he usually stands at a lectern with the seal of the United States, not the United States of America
  • United States is just the territories. It’s likely short for United States, in Congress Assembled. Managing the territories is important work.
  • States such as Pennsylvania are part of the USofA union, but not part of United States, which, as noted, is the territories.
  • The phrase ‘the United States’ can mean more than one thing. It can be singular and mean the entity that manages the territories. Or it can be plural and mean the 50 American States or the united States. And, I’m sorry to say, it can also mean a corporation, such as UNITED STATES.
  • That third option, UNITED STATES, the corporation, is likely, as far as I can tell, like the EAST INDIA COMPANY which ran roughshod over many areas way back when and had it’s own army.
  • Next, let’s talk Citizens….
  • The people in United States (the territories) are U.S. Citizens. Such as people in Puerto Rico and DC.
  • The people in the 50 States are state citizens and also called  nationals of the USofA and also “non-resident aliens” (with respect to United States.
  • If thou is reading this, chances are, thou is not a U.S. Citizen but instead is a national of the USofA. Thou can still yell U-S-A at the Olympics. Check thy passport, at the beginning, thou will see it’s for either citizens or nationals
  • This is not crazy talk or subversive. It’s the truth. And as a national of the USofA, the U.S. Marshals must defend thee.
  • It does gets more complicated, but it’s not my fault!
  • United States, in Congress Assembled, does not control the 50 states or the people of the 50 states. So they ingeniously created sub-corporations called STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. This is different from just Pennsylvania. So when it’s said that “federal laws supersede the states”, one must ask which states? Federal law supersedes law in STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA but not laws in Pennsylvania.

Diagram showing how on the left side, the man is at the top, while on the right, the man is at the bottom because man thinks he is a person/persona

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7 comments on “Updated diagram of USofA, United States, UNITED STATES, and more!

  1. Hi,

    Could you explain what is the role of Puerto Rico on this?

    I don’t get it!

    For example I’m not original (native) of The Republic of United States of America but I born and raise in Puerto Rico and I’m living now in Atlanta, GA .

    Or I’m wrong?


    1. Puerto Rico is a territory of The United States of Ameria (union) and controlled by United States, in congress assembled. The natives of Puerto Rico do not have unalienable rights. If thou has a mom and dad who were born in one of the 50 united states and are state citizens, then thou is a state citizen of likely the last state on which they lived. The last state on which they were domiciled. If a Texas state citizen is visiting Mexico and has baby, the baby is Texan. But if thou was born on Puerto Rico AND has mom and dad who are natives of puerto rico, then thou is Puerto Rican and also a federal citizen, with civil rights, not unalienable rights. The solution would be to get naturalized into one of the 50 united states. But choose carefully, because some states are more free than others. Read their constitutions. The original constitutions; not the post Civil War versions.

  2. I don’t have rights (ie. Justice, or, rights against corrupt business practices) right here in the State of Arkansas. Heck, I tried for over three years and I must’ve spoken to every single three and four letter agency that exists (including DC) – and, five attorneys. I managed to get frustrated, then mad as hell that it’s all a scam. Now I understand why people take matters into their own hands!
    I am streetwise and have multiple college degrees – I’m a rebel Baby Boomer who was raised in So. Cal (Valley Girl) and this couldn’t be more confusing (up there with the IRS instructions, not that I file anymore). Seems to me more know about this than are sharing.

    1. Friend. Authenticate to national level. the C.O.L.B. This is intial step . Recording certain affidavits, a certain rule 220 for example, establishes thou as an alive adult, as one of the owners of the document, and familiar with the subject, and f the person, and being of the age of Majority, now capable of receiving full civil and constitutional rights. You are stating you are in control of of your positions, concepts, aspirations and estate – politically, physically, and administratively. All interest due, gets routed to your accounts, as Holder in Due Course of the Certificate of Origin ( an EXTREMELY valuable “negotiable instrument” (lawful document when bonded, its worth at least $100m for each bind created ) of self, the seal on the national authentication entitles the document owner the Full Faith and Credit, that of the Department of State, of your birth state, and DEPARTMENT OF STATE, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You have just been extended the power that comes with access to the operational budgets of these two entities, and each and all subsequent departments, for starters.

      Bye bye for now

      1. Hi William, would you be willing to email me the details/how to, or examples of this process? And once completed what do you do with it? Thanks for the nugget.

  3. Just found your site. Didn’t know anyone else knew. Haven’t paid IRS taxes since 1992 after telling them I wasn’t a United States citizen.

    1. Yes, I think it is this easy if one has a small business. Many people must also rebut the W2s which claim one has earned (1) wages (2) social security wages & (3) compensation for services within United States. All three claims must be rebutted. One must say, I was paid money, but none of it was wages, social security wages, or compensation… as defined in Title 26 of USC.

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