Updated diagram of USofA, United States, UNITED STATES, and more!

Just want to clarify a few things:

  • United States is different from United States of America. When the president speaks, he usually stands at a lectern with the seal of the United States, not the United States of America
  • United States is just the territories. It’s likely short for United States, in Congress Assembled. Managing the territories is important work.
  • States such as Pennsylvania are part of the USofA union, but not part of United States, which, as noted, is the territories.
  • The phrase ‘the United States’ can mean more than one thing. It can be singular and mean the entity that manages the territories. Or it can be plural and mean the 50 American States or the united States. And, I’m sorry to say, it can also mean a corporation, such as UNITED STATES.
  • That third option, UNITED STATES, the corporation, is likely, as far as I can tell, like the EAST INDIA COMPANY which ran roughshod over many areas way back when and had it’s own army.
  • Next, let’s talk Citizens….
  • The people in United States (the territories) are U.S. Citizens. Such as people in Puerto Rico and DC.
  • The people in the 50 States are state citizens and also called  nationals of the USofA and also “non-resident aliens” (with respect to United States.
  • If thou is reading this, chances are, thou is not a U.S. Citizen but instead is a national of the USofA. Thou can still yell U-S-A at the Olympics. Check thy passport, at the beginning, thou will see it’s for either citizens or nationals
  • This is not crazy talk or subversive. It’s the truth. And as a national of the USofA, the U.S. Marshals must defend thee.
  • It does gets more complicated, but it’s not my fault!
  • United States, in Congress Assembled, does not control the 50 states or the people of the 50 states. So they ingeniously created sub-corporations called STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. This is different from just Pennsylvania. So when it’s said that “federal laws supersede the states”, one must ask which states? Federal law supersedes law in STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA but not laws in Pennsylvania.

Diagram showing how on the left side, the man is at the top, while on the right, the man is at the bottom because man thinks he is a person/persona

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