1. People’s Rights – How to avoid giving jurisdiction! Appearance means to consent to jurisdiction, not just show up. Don’t appear!
  2. Roger Sayles – See his affidavit and YouTube videos
  3. Bill Turner’s Videos – First Set – Second Set
  4. Living in the Private (brilliant!)
  6. Anna von Reitz
  7. No Thanks IRS on twitter – download first report, then request the second one, that discusses organic documents of United States of America
  8. Angela Stark’s Home Page
  9. Angela Stark’s Weekly Call & Audio Archives – participate in this weekly call.
  10. Escape Tickets, Courts, and the IRS
  11. Lose the Name
  12. Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch
  13. Yusuf El – has talk radio calls throughout the week
  14. Kurtis Kallenbach – famous creator of Season of Treason anthology
  15. Michigan Assembly