Germans flee to home school in US

For all we write about persecution in the United States, when it comes to home schooling, German citizens flee their country for the freedom to teach their children. A US judge recently granted asylum to a German family with five children. The article in the French paper, Le Monde, used accurate language to describe the […]

“Free Range Kids”

A New York City mom who allows her nine-year-old son to ride the subway wrote an article about her mothering ways and became an overnight news story, cast as the “Worst Mom in America.” Many hate e-mails later, the mom wrote a book called “Free Range Kids” and now maintains a blog to argue that […]

Gov school bans skinny jeans, home school doesn’t

An ultra-conservative, Texas government “school” does not allow the latest denim craze: skinny jeans. Administrators at a Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite gave Seth Chamlee a choice: change into some pants provided by the school or go home. He went home and he’s going to stay there. His mom said, ““We’re going to home schooling. […]

Ben Williams’ Home School Diary

Learn all about home-schooling by reading Ben Williams’ memoirs. Ben left the intellectual col-de-sac known as the government school system and now enjoys life as a home-schooler. Use the board at the right to ask him questions about his new life or to post your own home-school experiences and aspirations. Ben is totally psyched to […]