Their Rules are Irrelevant – Challenge Jurisdiction – Change your status

Notice: all the details on this site are complicated. Statutes may apply to thou, if thou has contracts with the entity issuing the statutes. By visiting this site, you indemnify the authors. 

Why protest a city curfew or mandatory schooling if it does not apply to you? Are you protesting the laws of a city in another country, such as Gerrmany?

There are two governments in every region of America. There is what is called a corporate government and what might be called a dormant constitutional government. I know this sounds crazy! But stick with me!

All the laws you hate, such as curfew laws, are passed by the corporate governments. I’m talking about laws that deal with victimless crimes; no one was hurt and no contract fraud. These laws are actually statutes or rules within a corporation.

The worst part is you mistakenly think you work for these corporations. The name for employees in these corporations is… citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The key part of this swindle is that the schools teach you one meaning of words, whereas the police and courts use another meaning. To you, citizen means someone in country. To them, citizen means employee! You must rebut this presumption; meaning tell them it’s not so!

Citizen has one meaning  in the republic and another meaning in the corporation. See this video of Obama stating that citizen is a title for an office in the democracy — go to the 5:50 mark. Notice he says democracy, not republic.

  1. The People (men and women) created the States. The people born in the fifty states are State Citizens first, such as Texans, and also American Nationals.
  2. Then the states created an entity called the united States of America to manage some of common interests of the States. The States still exist and are superior to the federal entity they created. Got that?
  3. Then the federal government created, get this, a corporation called United States. That corporation has agents/employees/corporations called U.S. citizens (lower c).
  4. The corporation also created sub-corporations called State of New York, State of New Jersey, etc, versus New York State or Texas Republic.

Starts with john of the smith family and ends with JOHN SMITH TRUST. Stay at top of hierarchy. Don't answer to the trust.

Other titles with offices in the corporation are resident and person. You are not a person!

You want to remain a people (singular) and above everything else created!

The laws that you despise only apply to U.S. citizens, not State Citizens, not flesh and blood men and women, non-employees.

Learn how to rebut the presumption that thou is a U.S. citizen so you are only an American National or possibly State Citizen. Then the curfew, mandatory schooling, car travel restrictions, and lots of other statutes will not apply to you.

Imagine if you joined the army, then you would have to follow all the rules of the army. If you left the army base or even on the army base, the military police would have authority over you, or jurisdiction over you.

Same thing applies here. You must abide by the curfew because your parents or you unknowingly joined the United States corporation as a citizen or person. The police are acting upon that status.

If you peacefully claim your rights as a State Citizen, such as of New York State, then you are above the statutes of the United States. You are one of the people. You is a people (singular).

Please note that ‘State of New York’ is a corporation, where as ‘New York State’ is a state or republic.

If you claim to be a United States citizen (lower c), then you stand under the laws of their society. If you are a U.S. citizen, then you’re in their army or company. If you are a State Citizen, then you are above their army.

You only have the rights you claim – a Roman maxim. Claim your rights as a State Citizen, one of the people, and you will be good.

Only be charged with a crime if there is a flesh and blood victim or fraud. Ignoring a curfew statute does not produce a victim or fraud. Skipping school does not produce a victim or fraud.

This site provides lots of knowledge about this topic, often content written by others.

The first thing to know is there is a lot to learn. It is like learning a new language. Even a sentence or paragraph will be challenging if most of the words are new. Be patient.

You need to realize that “you” is used as plural. That’s why the question is “Are you so-and-so?” “Are” is plural, as in “they are” “we are” etc They are really asking if thou is the agent representing the all caps name on the birth certificate. The agent and the corporation. So thou must use thou and make is singular. Is thou following this?

Also, thou needs to know that words are used to deceive. They spell words differently but the sound is the same. Birth vs. Berth. Soul vs. Sole. The words put you under a spell, that’s why it’s called spelling. Witches wear black robes and so do so-called judges.

Also, this has been going on for ages. The prior method used the Church and baptism to steal thou’s birthright. Listen to this video about how the Vatican actually does give life after death, meaning death of the name and title thou is born with, but then thou is tricked into taking the baptized name created and controlled by the Church. However, the Bible supposedly explains how one can get out of this mess, in parables.

OK, now on to the list….

  1. Bugs Bunny Cartoon – Hare Brush – This cartoon shows how we have been deceived into thinking we are something else, and then responsible for someone else’s debt.
  2. Get out of mandatory schooling – This page touches on some key mistakes made by people when their sons and daughters are born.
  3. 12 Steps to reclaim your estate – This knowledge will, I think, set me free. This could be the most important knowledge listed on this page.
  4. U.S. Passport Renewal Form – notice that it’s available to non-citizen U.S. nationals! “U.S. passports, either in book or card format, are only issued to U.S. Citizens or non-citizen U.S. nationals. “
  5. Change status from taxpayer to non-taxpayer. Revoke the Election to be treated as a resident alien.
  6. If you prefer videos, see our YouTube Playlist
  7. How to deal with police officers (not police men and women) – Five, 10-min videos
  8. Secrets about U.S. passport (port pass) – video – shows that the passport is available to U.S. citizens and also American Nationals. Now how about that! An American National is a non-resident alien. Sounds strange to be an alien but it’s the best status.
  9. Study Guide (PDF) – Good overview
  10. Law Merchant – By Jean Keating and John Knox – This explains the meaning of “income” and how by using bank notes from Federal Reserve, one becomes liable to provide a (tax) “return” to the company that provides the notes. It’s a return, as in a return-on-investment, their investment of letting you use bank notes.
  11. The court may actually be a bank, and the indictment is a bank check. These are comments on a Keating seminar.
  12. Justinian Deception – explains that anything in all capital letters is gibberish.
  13. Living in the Private – living in the private means using your birth name (first name and maybe also your middle name) and being a man or woman. Living in the public means to operate with the name on the birth certificate and with the social security number as an agent for the corporation called United States (different from united States of America)
  14. We begin at birth (PDF) – A complex though accurate explanation. Re-read again and again.
  15. Personage & Barratry – By Anna von Reitz
  16. Escheat by the Lord – Wikipedia
  17. The Wizard of Oz – An Allegory
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  19. Use a bid bond to pay your charges and stay out of jail – Stop the Pirates
  20. Take control of the strawman/person and change thy status (video)
  21. Dissolve the strawman and change thy status – this is the alternative to taking control of the strawman/corporation
  22. Operation of every single claim in a nutshell (PDF)
  23. Voluntary Contracts that Bind You
  24. How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man
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  28. Creditors & Their Bonds (PDF)
  29. Video about Creditors & Their Bonds by Yusuf El (YouTube)
  30. Kurtis Kallenbach Site – Brilliant Man
  31. Invisible Contracts (Long, verbose; PDF)
  32. Introduction to Common Law – Three audio files from a seminar
  33. Thou’s ship/vessel is under arrest, not thou, the human – This document shows the words we use in everyday life come from words used in shipping.
  34. Videos about words used for deception – three videos
  35. Law Notes/a> – from – good content on common law courts