Yusef El’s Top 10 Documents

Top 10 Documents to Read

Listed below are 10+ books recommended by Yusuf El (see video below), who instructs people weekly on his radio show. It is possible for all of us to learn what is really going on. Elon Musk leads a company that builds rockets that go into orbit. Elon learned rocket technology by reading books about rockets. If he can learn about rockets, we can learn the law.

It is vital to download and store important books and reports.

  1. Creditors and Their Bonds: Web or PDF
  2. Dealing with Presentments: Web or PDF
  3. What Does Acceptance for Value Mean: Web or PDF
  4. The Jean Keating Transcript
  5. Jean Keating- Prison Treatise
  6. Securitization 101
  7. Court Survival Guide: Web or PDF
  8. Nature of the Remedy
  9. Zero Out Your Account
  10. Paper Arrows
  11. [Clearly, there are more than 10 documents]
  12. The Exemption
  13. Using Your Exemption
  14. The Matrix and the U.S. Constitution
  15. The UCC Connection

My Recommendations

Banking and the Bible
The United States is separate from the fifty states

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