Not a driver? Free to go. Not a person? Free to go.

Many of us have seen the videos of the man traveling by car who said he was not driving and was free to go, when stopped by the poli-cee officers.

The same may apply to when the officers stop someone about any statute/statue. The officers need to know if thou is acting as a person. They need to know if thou is working for the person/persona they created, specifically the FIRST LAST name.

If thou is working as an agent of the person, then the avalanche of statutes/statues and codes applies to thee.

I think this is an important point. And the driving example fuels it. (no pun intended).

Man traveling 110 mph on desert road >>> free to go

Man driving 110 mph on desert road >>> issued ticket

Man using cannabis in park >>> free to go

Man being a person and using cannabis in park >>> under arrest

When a man says he is a person, he is actually saying he is working for the persona FIRST LAST, which they created when the man was born. Just like if a man, not for hire, says he is driving, he is saying he is being paid to use the car to transport goods or passengers in a ‘traffic‘ stop.

Watch the famous Bugs Bunny cartoon to see how Bugs Bunny is indoctrinated into believing he is Elmer Fudd, and the IRS confirms this by asking him, then the IRS takes him away. Of course, in the cartoon, the IRS knows the bunny rabbit is not a man, but the IRS is along with the con.

For the citizenship scam, I say that United States in Congress Assembled has convinced people they are all Puerto Ricans.

For the person scam, I say UNITED STATES inc has convinced people they are rabbits who think they are Elmer J. Fudd.


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