Video: Not driving! But singer pulled from car registered to private trust.

See video below. News story here and here.

A woman with car not registered with STATE OF FLORIDA Inc. was still pulled out of her car by the local policy/policé officers (video below).

She should have rebutted the claim she was driving. It’s not that she was ‘driving with diplomatic plates’. She was not driving at all.

  • No paying passengers. No cargo.
  • Car is not registered.
  • She did not show a driver’s license.

One needs to say, “I’m not driving.” Let them slant their heads with bewilderment.

She showed her portpass/passport and she said, afterwards, when she left jail, ‘I’m an American State National‘. Huge round of applause for that. I’d say state national knowledge has gone mainstream.

She gave the policy officers her portpass but without rebutting the claim that she was driving, she was then basically saying she does not need a license while driving because she’s a state national. Not true. ‘Driving’ is under their jurisdiction. One must rebut this.

I expect she applied for and received a portpass/passport as an state national. This is great as well.

There is no need to be the victim of violence.

  • She should have gotten out of the car when they threatened violence. That is not being acquiescent. She did not need a video of the battery.
  • As explained by the AntiTerrorist, just say, “Officer, I am a peaceful man. There will be no need for force or violence. However, I do not consent in any way.”
  • The key is to say that “I do not consent.” and many other points explained here.
  • The policy officers are operating under their knowledge base. They don’t know the truth.
  • I would put my hands up, get out of the car, and say, “I don’t consent. I retain all my rights. I waive none.”

Some posts and articles say she claimed to be a diplomat and ambassador. That’s not the important point here. The main point is that she said she was an American state national.

  • She is an unalienable right to travel in her own car (not one registered/owned-by DMV) and
  • Without a license to ‘drive’, meaning she was not for-hire to carry passengers and/or cargo.

Anyone can be a diplomat or ambassador of any organization just as anyone can be president of any organization. That does not confer special rights. Her car tag merely made the point that the car was not owned by STATE OF FLORIDA or it’s agency DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES. She owns the car. She has her tag on it because it is 100% her property.

When someone has the DMV property-tag on their car, then they are telling the world that it is DMV property and DMV’s policy officers have the right to stop any users of the car.

Why is anyone complaining about this woman? She did not hurt anyone. She obviously has the wealth to cover any damage claims should she get in a crash. Why are journalists siding with the policy officers who stopped a woman traveling on the roads in a peaceful manner? People need to get a life and cheer on people living as free people.



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2 comments on “Video: Not driving! But singer pulled from car registered to private trust.

  1. This is a prime example of what not to do. People are getting hoodwinked into the State National movement. A passport or port-pass or any other name will not get you out of a jam yes and maybe killed if things escalate. There is one and only one U.S. database that all the databases will run off of. It is the IRS Master file. Your status can only be changed once you have that changed by claiming the Treasury Direct acct. Good luck with all the rest…you will need it.

    1. The IRS master file has the U.S. Person’s status. One should instead focus on being a man on the land, not a person with an IRS status. A man on the land is without/external to the Internal Revenue Service.

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