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Fundamentals: (1) Flip through these slides (2) review diagram of US vs USofA, (3) read these six PDFs, (4) watch Richard McDonald‘s overview, (5) read my intro, and (6) learn to speak like a simple man.

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1. Confirm thy freedom ✅ : My list of steps

2. Fundamentals:

  • You‘ is always plural b/c they pretend we are ‘mister/masters’ managing a ship. I use thou/thy/thee.
  • Person is another word for business entity. That’s why they request one’s “id-entity“.
  • The most common scam involves their persons/franchises.
    • The (merchant) statutes and code only apply to the person/franchise/LLC, not to people.
    • They have policy/police officers enforce their code.
    • Policy officers also serve a role as peace officers.
  • Federal citizen is someone in Puerto Rico or descendant of freed slave.
    • Federal citizens also called U.S. citizen.
    • Whereas, people of the states are state nationals/citizens.
    • See famous Louisiana Slaughterhouse case.
    • State nationals do not need a process to become a state national; but one must not say one is a U.S. Citizen, for starters, on any form.
  • United States is different from The USofA.
    • United States is either the federal government operations, a corp named United States, or the territories.
    • United States did not become a corporation. United States created a corporation.
  • Ohio and the other states are nation-states.
    • That’s why they’re called states!
    • That’s why The USofA is a union, not a nation.
    • President gives a “State of the Union” while governors give a “State of the State”
  • Mister/master is a Navy or ship officer title. “Mister Roberts” is a famous 1950s Navy movie. Rebut all attempts to be called mister so that one is not re-moved to military and/or maritime jurisdiction. See more
  • Driving means ‘for hire’.
    • A car is a ‘motor vehicle’ only when ‘for hire’ to trans-port goods or (paying) passengers.
    • “Motor vehicle” basically means a taxi or cargo truck.
    • Related: Thou likely does not own thy car. Get the MCO! MCO is Manufacturer Certificate of Origin. Say that thou needs to ship it to France.
  • Federal income tax applies only to federal sources, such as working for federal gov.
    • McDonald’s is not a federal source.
    • It’s called a ‘return’ because if one receives money from a federal source, one must return a portion.
    • 1040 is an internal form for federal employees to “file”.
    • Simply using this form implies one is a federal employee. Devious!
    • Correct the W2 if thy company claims thou earned ‘wages’.
  • Resident and residence are work terms.
    • Resident is someone who works for federal or state government.
    • Residence is the temporary home for these workers/ambassadors.
    • They trick people into claiming they work for the gov’t and must follow ‘public policy’.
  • Resident can also be short for ‘resident alien
    • Aliens need permission to use a car on the roadways. Whereas the people have an unalienable right to travel.
  • Hospitals are really ‘foundling hospitals‘ for indigent maidens to abandon their babies
    • Mom and Dad mistakenly ‘deliver’ (relinquish title to) their child.
    • State then makes them mere guardians, which is why CPS can take the baby anytime.

Slide sorter view of 50 slides in main presentation

Read/review my 50-slide presentation. Key points with diagrams. Read more

Diagram showing four columns with one column for each scam. I have also pasted the text on the page below.


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One man said to the court, “The Constitution says “No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”, but this court constantly Does, so this court must not be “The State”. If you are not “the State”, Who the Hell are you people?” Court said, “Case Dismissed”, “record sealed”.
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There are two birth certificates. Use the baby one.
The “Certificate of Live Birth”.

Image of the two different birth certificates

State Citizen or Federal citizen?
Californian or Puerto Rican?

There are two types of citizens. The first are state Citizens, who were born in one of the states united. The second, with a lower status, are federal citizens, also called U.S. citizens, who are citizens because of the 14th Amendment. The famous Supreme Court case about the Louisiana slaughterhouses focused whether plaintiffs were state citizens or federal citizens.

Many laws only apply to U.S./Federal citizens, not to state Citizens. Learn how to rebut the U.S. citizen status, and instead stand as a state Citizen. Then the curfew, mandatory schooling, and other statutes will not apply. Continue Reading.

Starts with john of the smith family and ends with JOHN SMITH TRUST. Stay at top of hierarchy. Don't answer to the trust.


United States is NOT The United States of America.
United States is either federal gov’t or municipal corp.

There is evil in this world. This lesson will be learned the hard way. – Anonymous

Parlez-vous Francais?

They speak French, in that they place the noun before the adjective. We need to flip this to see their deception. They also, at times, simply use French words, since this has always been the language of the elite.

  1. Police is Policy. Policy officer enforces policy of legal society. Peace officer apprehends those who disturb the peace.
  2. Understand is Stand Under
  3. Attorney is a tournez which is Turn over (property), from Tourner
  4. Mer-chant – ‘Mer‘ means sea in French. A merchant is a business that sells from a ship in a berth/birth or beside a bank.
  5. Passport is Port Pass
  6. Citizenship is Ship Citizen
  7. Statute Merchant‘ is ‘Merchant Statutes‘, meaning the statutes and policies used by merchants.
  8. Statute Staple is Staple Statutes

The rich have always spoken French; e.g. this Braveheart scene. I’m on the verge of thinking English as a trap.

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The Federal Income Tax – The deception of a lawful tax

People are alive. Persons are LLCs/franchises.

Diagram showing how on the left side, the man is at the top, while on the right, the man is at the bottom because man thinks he is a person/persona

All babies are considered abandoned
at the hospital.
Composite graphic showing certificate of live birth and all the ways it shows that mom is tricked into abandoning her baby.

The real school is now in session.

  • The USofA is a union, not a nation-state. More.
  • The people in the states are state citizens and, with respect to federal territory, they are non-resident aliens. The people in the territories are federal citizens, also called U.S. citizens. More.
  • The word ‘you’ is always plural. The courts and police use ‘you’ to pretend that thou represents a company. More.
  • When thou was born (not birthed), a trust was created with a name just like thy name! The name is in all capital letters. That is a trust or company. More.
  • War-ship your re-legion. More
  • Mister is a title in the Navy. Don’t get mistered.
  • The federal and state governments may think thou is a federal U.S. citizen. Thou may want to correct thy status. More.
  • When in court, one must not admit to being ‘you’ or the ‘defendant’ or the ‘person’. More.
  • We are fooled by words. Driving means to be ‘for hire’. One is free to travel on the roads, but must be licensed to drive. More.
  • The passport is given to U.S. Citizens (federal citizens) and Non-citizen national (state citizens). More.
  • Banks don’t lend money. They promise to buy thy promissory note. More.

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How to fool people into giving up their natural rights. Ship of War. Re-legion. Ship citizen. Re-side.

Is the United Nations a country? No.
Is the European Union a country? No.
Is the USA a country? …. No. It’s a union.
The president gives a state of the union, not a state of the state or a state of the country.
If the USA is a union, then each state is a state, meaning a country or a nation-state.
State is the keyword.
Who are the people in each state? They’re State citizens, as in Texans.
Who are U.S. Citizens? The people in the territories and…
…everyone who incorrectly thinks they are U.S. Citizens.
And, by the way, U.S. is not the same as U.S.A.

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