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Their rules don’t apply

There are two types of citizens. The first type are state Citizens or American Nationals who were born in one of the states united. The second, and much lesser type, are U.S. citizens who are citizens because of statutes. Many laws thou despises only apply to U.S. citizens, not American Nationals, not flesh and blood men and women. Learn how to not answer to the U.S. citizen status so thou is only an American. Then the curfew, mandatory schooling, driving restrictions, and other statutes will not apply to thou.

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Stay at top of hierarchy, not bottom

Hierarchy: People (Citizens of states united) created States created The United States of America created United States Inc. created 14th Amendment U.S. citizen

Two options on Passport Renewal!!

The official U.S. Passport application says they are issued to U.S. Citizens and Non-citizen Nationals. As far as I’ve read, I want to apply as a non-citizen national. I don’t want to claim I’m a U.S. Citizen, since U.S. is not the United States of America (as written on the Constitution). See the site,, for details. There is not time to waste! 9/11 and the Vegas massacre show these people are psychopaths.

Screenshot of U.S. Passport Application: "ARE ISSUED ONLY TO U.S. CITIZENS OR NON-CITIZEN NATIONALS...."

Beware the Birth Certificate

When I created a corporation to sell a product, I received a certificate from the state. Then I received a nine-digit ID number from possibly the IRS. Now I couldn’t help but notice how I also am supposed to identify myself with a ‘birth certificate‘ and a nine-digit social security number. Where I stand now is that the birth certificate is for a corporate entity created by the state or federal government with a name similar to my natural name and the nine-digit ‘social security’ number is a corporate, nine-digit CUSIP identifier.

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Roger Sayles and the 14th Amendment

Roger Sayles said the 14th Amendment, passed in the mid-1800s, was actually a set up for action 80 years later. I expect he means that since the 14th Amendment applies to persons, it is the corporate persons people started using in the 1930s. The corporate entity is listed on the birth certificate, which people think


Karl Lentz asks What is United States Treasury?

In a recording of Karl Lentz on YouTube, Karl points out the checks for taxes are made payable to the ‘U.S. Treasury’, but the Federal Government only has what is called the Department of Treasury. I looked up the current directions and it says to make checks payable to the United States Treasury. This is


The Birth Certificate vs. Record of Live Birth

As far as I’ve read, there is the record of live birth signed at the hospital or the place where thou was born. This has thy name such as john smith. Then there is the birth certificate which notes the creation of a company with a similar sounding name such as JOHN SMITH or even


Diana Ross will have a Vegas residency (as in temporary)

Sometimes the true meaning of words surfaces. Diana Ross had a ‘residency’ at a Las Vegas Hotel. The 72-year-old singer was due back in Las Vegas to finish her residency at The Venetian, which she kicked off earlier this month. The ‘residency’ means she will be there for an extended period of time but only


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Vegan is Freedom

If you don’t want to be treated like a farmed animal, then please stop farming animals, such as cows, fish, pigs, and chickens. These animals suffer because people like the taste of BBQ sauce. I partly became a vegan because I saw that the Nazis used cattle cars to move political prisoners. I don’t want to be associated with modern cattle cars. Drinking milk is the most evil since female cows are raped then their sons or daughters are taken after one day.

My vegan friends don’t mind milking men and women by taxing them. Whereas my freedom-loving friends don’t mind taxing cows by milking them!

Do plants feel pain? Yes! But their lives are only miserable after they’ve been pulled out of the ground and until eaten. Farmed animals suffer for years!