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(1) Read my intro, (2) review diagram of US vs USofA, (3) read these six PDFs, (4) watch Richard McDonald‘s overview, and (5) learn to speak like a simple man.

Movie pushes phrase “places of residence”, whereas I live in/at home

New movie called White Noise rotates around a chemical disaster after which the local policé/policy officers travel through the town ...
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Portpasses in times of war per the 1800 treaty with France

This 1800 treaty with France, pasted below, is recommended by a donor who said: "The other aspects of this treaty ...
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Updated: United States vs United States vs USofA

Updated the diagram below: Changed the red border to be a bucket to show that USofA has less significance to ...
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The city is not incorporated, it created a corporation. Wichita created CITY OF WICHITA

Hypothesis: When they say the city was incorporated, they could mean that the people running the city have created a ...
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How to be a national. This man has good ideas.

Notice/Update: A regular reader claims the man in the video is wrong. That reader wrote this guest post, published last ...
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First name means the first part of the name. The BURGER part of BURGER KING.

As people, we have a given name and a family name, and often a second given name, as a homage ...
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Popular this week! Portion from Dealing with Presentments

This week, many people are reading Dealing With Presentments. Here's a portion: Legal terms and phrases are artificially imbued with ...
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United States (govt) controlled vast areas in 1850. They want to keep it that way.

What we're dealing with is a federal government that amassed incredible power as people moved westward in the 1800s, and ...
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One man said to the court, “The Constitution says “No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”, but this court constantly Does, so this court must not be “The State”. If you are not “the State”, Who the Hell are you people?” Court said, “Case Dismissed”, “record sealed”.
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Is thou a state Citizen or Federal citizen?
Californian or Puerto Rican?

There are two types of citizens. The first are state Citizens, who were born in one of the states united. The second, with a lower status, are U.S. citizens, who are citizens because of the 14th Amendment or because they were born in a territory or because that’s another title for an office holder.

Many laws thou despises only apply to U.S./Federal citizens, not to state Citizens. Learn how to rebut the U.S. citizen status, and instead remain a state Citizen. Then the curfew, mandatory schooling, and other statutes will not apply to thee. Continue Reading.

Starts with john of the smith family and ends with JOHN SMITH TRUST. Stay at top of hierarchy. Don't answer to the trust.

Thou does not live in United States…
Thou lives in one of the States.


There is evil in this world. This lesson will be learned the hard way. – Anonymous

One of at least three ways we are tricked.

Diagram showing how on the left side, the man is at the top, while on the right, the man is at the bottom because man thinks he is a person/persona

Send a letter for four cents
‘without United States’ but within USA

Learn the seven rules to follow. (1) Non-domestic (2) Without United States (3) Drop in slot at post office, and more

The real school is now in session.

  • The USofA is a union, not a nation-state. More.
  • The people in the states are state citizens and, with respect to federal territory, they are non-resident aliens. The people in the territories are federal citizens, also called U.S. citizens. More.
  • The word ‘you’ is always plural. The courts and police use ‘you’ to pretend that thou represents a company. More.
  • When thou was born (not birthed), a trust was created with a name just like thy name! The name is in all capital letters. That is a trust or company. More.
  • War-ship your re-legion. More
  • Mister is a title in the Navy. Don’t get mistered.
  • The federal and state governments may think thou is a federal U.S. citizen. Thou may want to correct thy status. More.
  • When in court, one must not admit to being ‘you’ or the ‘defendant’ or the ‘person’. More.
  • We are fooled by words. Driving means to be ‘for hire’. One is free to travel on the roads, but must be licensed to drive. More.
  • The passport is given to U.S. Citizens (federal citizens) and Non-citizen national (state citizens). More.
  • Banks don’t lend money. They promise to buy thy promissory note. More.

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How to fool people into giving up their natural rights. Ship of War. Re-legion. Ship citizen. Re-side.

Is the United Nations a country? No.
Is the European Union a country? No.
Is the USA a country? …. No. It’s a union.
The president gives a state of the union, not a state of the state or a state of the country.
If the USA is a union, then each state is a state, meaning a country or a nation-state.
State is the keyword.
Who are the people in each state? They’re State citizens, as in Texans.
Who are U.S. Citizens? The people in the territories and…
…everyone who incorrectly thinks they are U.S. Citizens.
And, by the way, U.S. is not the same as U.S.A.

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