Obama defines citizen as the ‘title’ of an ‘office’ in a democracy (not republic)

In his farewell address in 2017, President Obama said: “…we all share the same proud title. The most important office ...
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The word ‘statute’ can mean ‘an act of a corporation’

The legislatures pass statutes. The U.S. code says ‘United States’ is a federal corporation. The word statute can mean an ...
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Richard McDonald’s Seminar on state Citizenship

The author covers the differences between state and federal citizens, and how one inadvertently becomes a federal citizen. He provides ...
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‘United States’ is a Federal corporation, says U.S. Code, Title 28

Repeat after me, ‘United States’ is a Federal corporation. It’s right there in the federal code, in Title 28: 28 ...
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Their rules don’t apply

There are two types of citizens. The first are state Citizens or American Nationals, who were born in one of the states united. The second, with a lower status, are U.S. citizens, who are citizens because of the 14th Amendment or because they were born in a territory.

Many laws thou despises only apply to U.S./Federal citizens, not to State Citizens/American Nationals. Learn how to rebut the U.S. citizen status, and instead remain a state Citizen. Then the curfew, mandatory schooling, and other statutes will not apply to thee.

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Starts with john of the smith family and ends with JOHN SMITH TRUST. Stay at top of hierarchy. Don't answer to the trust.

The real school is now in session.

  • The USofA is a union, not a nation-state. More.
  • The people in the states are state citizens and, with respect to federal territory, they are non-resident aliens. The people in the territories are federal citizens, also called U.S. citizens. More.
  • The word ‘you’ is always plural. The courts and police use ‘you’ to pretend that thou represents a company. More.
  • When thou was born (not birthed), a trust was created with a name just like thy name! The name is in all capital letters. That is a trust or company. More.
  • War-ship your re-legion. More
  • Mister is a title in the Navy. Don’t get mistered.
  • The federal and state governments may think thou is a federal U.S. citizen. Thou may want to correct thy status. More.
  • When in court, one must not admit to being ‘you’ or the ‘defendant’ or the ‘person’. More.
  • We are fooled by words. Driving means to be ‘for hire’. One is free to travel on the roads, but must be licensed to drive. More.
  • The passport is given to U.S. Citizens (federal citizens) and Non-citizen national (state citizens). More.
  • Banks don’t lend money. They promise to buy thy promissory note. More.

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