Be a simple man. Take the words at face value. Police is pronounced poilcy. U.S. is not U.S.ofA. Persons is not people.

In a video of a freeman-on-the-land event participant, the man said ‘be a simple man’. If UNITED STATES is suing thee, then ask to speak the man or woman called UNITED STATES. Only a man can sue another man, and assuming this is a court case against a man, and a court case can only be between equals, then where is the man called UNITED STATES.

Being simple is the best way to get past their deception.

He says:

  • Don’t try to be clever.
  • Don’t try to read between the lines.
  • Don’t say for the paperwork they sent and what they’re trying to do.
  • Don’t try to read meaning that isn’t there.

See video below.

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My Examples

They say that ‘you are‘ can be both singular and plural. Of course, that’s absurd. No language would naturally have that construct. So when they say ‘you are’, a simple man knows they are talking to a group or a corporation, not to the man as a man.

And police is not pronounced ‘po-lease’ as no other or few other words have this pronunciation. Police is pronounced as policy, because they are in fact enforcing policies of their incorporated ‘city’ or ‘county’ or ‘state’.

Babies are not birthed. They are born. When a simple man hears the word “birth,” he knows they are obviously talking about boats, which has berths. And boats have masters or misters.

If a city has incorporated, then they became a corporation. And corporations can only sue other corporations. They incorporated to use statute law, and that’s fine. But it has nothing whatsoever to do with men and women.

If someone asks for thy mom’s maiden name, a simple man would question why they want to pretend his mom is unwed. And a simple man would never bring up his mom’s maiden name.

A simple man would not get a portpass/pass-port if he is not shipping goods in and out of a port. A simple man hears the word ‘port’ and knows that is where ships unload goods.

A simple man knows that The United States of America is a union partly because the president gives an annual State of the Union speech. People may keep calling it a country, but the simple man knows they are either confused or romanticizing the notion.

A simple man know that a tax return is a return of money to a source from where it was received. Only people who receive money from the federal government need to return a portion. And filing implies that the people are doing an internal corporate activity, in that the filer is an employee of the federal government.

A simple man knows that driving is a professional activity for payment. He knows traffic is the movement of goods, not travelers.

A simple man sees a flag with gold trim and knows that is a military flag. A simple man may not know why a man is standing beside the military flag, but the simple man know something related to military or martial law is in play.

A simple man would say people. When he hears the word ‘persons’, he knows they are not talking men and women. They must be speaking of corporations/personas.



  • David Straight’s seminars have this: “Because this event is non-commercial, and instead a private trust, there are no products or services offered for sale, no refunds, no purchases, and no payments; this is simply because those things are all commercial actions and our trust relations are private.” (source)



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8 comments on “Be a simple man. Take the words at face value. Police is pronounced poilcy. U.S. is not U.S.ofA. Persons is not people.

    1. thanks for this kind offer, but I disagree. “you are” is always plural. No language would naturally develop to have the singular and plural conjugated the same way. It’s maddening. We are taught this deception because they don’t want to acknowledge the man-on-the-land. They want everyone to think they are agents for the FIRST LAST entity. I’ve written about this a few times here.

      1. So when speaking to your wife, friend, son, daughter using you is improper? It appears to me that you’re just making things up to suit your “story”. Oh wait, you’re the one who came up with the new pronouns, is that it LOL?

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