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Documentary about Curfew Protests

Our group of people, of all ages, protested the San Diego curfew back in 1997. Here is a documentary about the protests and our tactics. I still support using the first amendment as a defense against the curfew. Meaning, you

Make & Wear Anti-Curfew Stickers as a First Amendment Activity

Many curfew laws allow a first amendment exception that allows people to be out past curfew if they are engaged in any activity listed in the first amendment. This page has directions on how to make stickers that say “Repeal

Curfew proposal has opponents and alternatives

A curfew proposal in Montgomery County, Maryland, has not been an easy sell. Opponents range from parent-teacher organizations to a town council and alternatives, such as anti-loitering laws, may win out. The law would prohibit “children” younger than 18 years

Teen’s anti-curfew Letter to the Editor appears prominently

A teenager’s anti-curfew letter appeared prominently on the editorial page of a the main newspaper of a county considering a teen curfew. The letter’s title was “A teen’s view on the curfew” and the writer urged politicians to consider alternatives,

Youth rights group sues to repeal Florida curfew

Residents of the warm, year-round climate of Palm Beach, Florida, regularly stay outside during the late evening, unless they happen to be under the age 18. A local curfew law bars those under 18 from being outside past 10 pm

Anti-Curfew Rockstar in Gladstone, Oregon

HEY! i made a bunch of stickers yesterday, 200 to be percise, and boy did they go over well. today i distributed about 75, and it got me into a lot of cool discussions with people, some of wich I

Liberty Youth Coalition Repeal the Curfew Campaign

The Liberty Youth Coalition’s post-Thanksgiving Day protest was a success. They gathered at one of the most popular malls in Orange County, CA, on the busiest shopping day of the year. Here is a note from Doug Scribner, one of

Judge rules Palmdale, CA, curfew law unconstitutional

PALMDALE, California — The city’s younger residents may have won a small victory last Wednesday in the form of a court decision.

Police strip-search curfew violators

Dangerous criminals should be handcuffed, strip searched for weapons, and detained. There’s no question about that. But does a teenage curfew violator fit that description? It does in Sioux Falls.

Find your local curfew law

If your city is listed in the Book Publishing Company’s Library of Codes and Ordinances, then you can search through all the local laws in your area. Check it out.