📽️: There are two birth certificates! Get the Certificate of Live Birth. The other one is for person/franchise/entity.

Learn about the Certificate of Live Birth completed at the hospital and which they withhold from mom and dad. It’s even now called ‘the worksheet’ to hide it’s value. The COLB shows one’s status and state natives/nationals can use this to prove their status. Don’t use the corporate/franchise Birth Certificate.

Video: Policy force lets go Aussie woman using car – no plates, no registration

Another video of traveler using car and the policy force detains, then lets her go. Why? Precisely because her car was NOT registered. Therefore did not need their plates/inventory-tag. And therefore they did not have jurisdiction! But they issued bogus ‘ticket’ anyway. Regardless, she was free to go! How many videos do people need to […]

Transcript with time-stamps for Richard MacDonald’s State Citizen presentation at The Granada Forum, 2005

 Transcript  00:00:03  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Granada Forum on June 17th, a Friday night. We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Richard MacDonald, a man who’s a maverick in his field for over 30 years in the law. He’s a law researcher, educator and state citizenship. So let’s give […]

Cops let go man with no license and in car lacking plate. Audit the Audit refuses to accept reality. Arizona video.

Cops let go a man traveling in his car with no license plate and no license. Cops pretend they need to get to more important calls, but really they have no jurisdiction. Famous YouTuber, Audit the Audit, won’t believe the video. Says cops are right and traveler is wrong. Man does a great job, obviously. He had proof […]

Hiring ‘BAR card fraudsters’ gives court jurisdiction over people. Video 📺of Bonnie:Straight

Video by Bonnie: Straight explains: the act of hiring a BAR card fraudster gives court jurisdiction over thee. Don’t hire a B.A.R. card fraudster CPS is a corporate entity. Corporations need a contract in order to enforce their contract law upon thee Clearfield supreme court case says that if governments act like or through corporations, […]

They speak French so flip their words – ‘law merchant’ is ‘merchant law’, ‘passport’ is ‘portpass’

Intro Even diehard proponents of the topics covered here are still not translating French words and this leads to confusion. Statute Merchant is Merchant Statute Citizenship is Ship Citizen Passport is Port Pass Understand is Stand Under Law Merchant is Merchant Law Statute Staple is Staple Statute Commerce refers business on the water – ‘Mer’ […]