Don’t give them the title! Don’t register the car! Don’t believe thou is a resident (alien or agent)

The Manufacture Certificate of Origin (MCO) shows who owns a car. If I give the MCO for my car to my neighbor, then technically, he owns it and I’m just watching it. If thou gives the MCO to the state agency called DMV, then the state owns it and that’s why they can pull thee over and tell thee how to use it. It’s there car!

I think when one gives the MCO to the DMV, then the DMV ‘splits the title‘. Thou gets a ‘certificate of title’ and the right to possess the car. But the DMV, the agency, now owns it and will tell thee how to use it.

Registering is also a nefarious setup. Regis means the king, as in the Regis Hotel. Don’t register anything! Don’t register to vote either. Don’t register thy car, then they won’t have jurisdiction over the car and can’t pull thee over.

People register their cars, and put a plate on the car confirming the car technically belongs to the state administration. Then the state policé/policy officers pull thee over to tell thee how to use it.

Since resident likely means someone working for the administration, that’s another piece of the deception. Thou walked into the DMV, then gave them title, then ‘registered’ the car, and lastly said thou is a resident, meaning an agent or alien.

Thou now has implied thou is working for the administration, hence now driving, which is business. Or thou said thou is not a state national, but instead is a resident alien, and aliens do not have the right to travel. They may in fact need a license.

In a nutshell, get the real title, not the “certificate of title”. Second, don’t give title to the state. Don’t accept the resident status. Don’t register the car.

What do they mean when they say one has to “title a car“? Such a nifty verb that hides the fact that I would be giving the title of my car to someone else.

So I have to both ‘title my car’ and ‘register my car‘? Am I obligated to register my coffee table as well?

We have the unalienable right to travel! Stay current. We won the 1776 Revolutionary War. We don’t have a king. The king’s powers went to us.

A private plate might help to show one is fully aware that the car has not been ‘registered’ into their system but is instead ‘without’ their system. A private plate might be similar to a Canadian or Mexican plate. Shows the car is ‘without’ their jurisdiction.

But learn how to respond to the policé officers if they pull the over by watching these three videos.


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2 comments on “Don’t give them the title! Don’t register the car! Don’t believe thou is a resident (alien or agent)

  1. I’m confused… I’ve never owned a brand new car, only older ones, and have only ever received a title for transfer. How would I go about getting ahold of the MCO? I’ve never even heard of this before now!
    Thanks so much!

    1. To get the MCO, I would tell the DMV I need to send the car to France and the Customs officials require an MCO. Every car, new or old, has the MCO. The scheme is that DMV may ‘require’ dealers to send the MCO to DMV. Car owners never see it.

      DMV is using half-truths. They pretend people are resident-agents, working for the gov’t, and they pretend the car is a ‘motor vehicle’, meaning involved in a gainful business activity. One must rebut their claims. I am not a resident alien or resident agent. And my automobile is not going to be used for a gainful activity such as trans-port-ing ‘cargo’ or (paying) passengers.

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