Five interviews with NativeBornCitizen manager, from the show Shell Games

I recommend five interviews (linked below) with the manager of and who tweets at ‘I am a true Sovereign People‘. He was a guest on the show Shell Games.

Thou cannot break free from the K-12 and TV programming without reading extensively. These PDFs helped me a great deal. Plus LivinginthePrivate (on desktop). Also read True American History.

The Key Essays

  1. Who Do You Think You Are? (PDF) “Did you know that there are two kinds of citizens in America?
  2. Where Do You Think You Are? (PDF) “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; Exclusive legislative Power in the territories, NOT in the States.”
  3. What Do You Think You Are Doing? (PDF) “[How does thou] become [a] subject to the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress? By becoming a party to a commercial transaction!”
  4. Who Do You Think You Are Dealing With? (PDF) “How does one PROVE that what passes for “the state” all around us, and upon us, is actually an unincorporated state, and NOT one of the several States of the Union?”
  5. Who Do You Think You Are, Part II? (PDF) “Are you a resident?”
  6. Where the Rubber Meets the Road (PDF) “SUPPOSE that the only way to get a driver’s license, is to go to the DMV and declare yourself to be an alien! Well, that’s what you did.
  7. Two Governments (PDF)

Some Key Points

  • “Any information you provide to them, and unless you know how to control that information and control the jurisdictional claim you’re in, they’re operating under a legal presumption that everybody is a U.S. citizen [federal citizen, i.e. Puerto Rican], and is operating in their system. An address becomes a residence. A name becomes a name of a U.S. citizen. business account that’s in their system. All these things become evidence against us. [Unless one signs and adds “Without prejudice. Without the United States.”]
  • “On the advanced course, I show people how not to contract. When they [the actors as officers] asked what is your name, I said, “I don’t consent to use of a name.” I don’t have as social security number. I don’t have a date of birth.
  • “They are all actors in a play. The actor as judge. The actor as law enforcement officer. The play is the United States of America.
  • “Discerning the difference between these citizenships, between a citizen of a several state of The United States of America in lieu of a U.S. citizen….Shows how the deception is laid out in front of us. They don’t hide it.”
  • Take notice, here is my notice of my status and capacity as a citizen of Arizona which is notarized on the republic, witnessed and recorded, and is self-authenticating evidence. (Once you have recorded something, you get a certified copy from the recorder’s office. Don’t ever quote the statutes or the US Code [Editor’s note: really?]. You’re putting yourself under them. If you look under Rule 902 of the federal rules of evidence, you will see what self-authenticating evidence is. This document is so powerful. And of course one has to understand the language. You can bring a counter claim. It shuts everything down. I have been able to stop court cases.)
  • “Everything is presumed controversy. They are presuming that we are a U.S. Citizen, a legal fiction, that we are in their system. If we don’t engage or enter into that controversy. We don’t argue, complain, remain silent, threaten, or even accept, we don’t enter into that controversy, they can’t do anything. In order for their to be a contract, there has to be an agreement. In order for their to be a court case, there has to be a breach of contract. Those courts can only here controversies where this a breach of contract. So if people can learn how not enter into the contract in the first place, then the courts cannot hear anything. It is so simple when you understand this stuff.
  • “The judge orders me to sign that document, which is an arraignment hearing document, another constructive trust. So I signed it in my name with “Without prejudice.” That’s called a restrictive endorsement [definition]. I also declared I was a citizen of Arizona, an Arizonan, my nationality is Arizonan [see all nationalities], and I reserve all my rights, titles, privileges, immunities and defenses pursuant to the constitution of The United States of America and The State of Arizona, with the dates when those constitutions brought in. By doing that to that document, by signing that document that way, they never filed that court case on the docket. I blocked them. I reserved rights in that document.”
  • “I don’t make any claims to ‘civil rights’. Civil rights are what is given to you by the government. These are rights that can be given and taken away. I only deal with constitutional rights. [Editor note: Actually these are constitutional protections of our inalienable rights.]
  • “I don’t make any claim to statutes. The U.S. Code is non-positive law. It is a different system. There are three ways to enter into a contract: signature, silence (silent assent), or use. And use of their statutory law binds one to their system. Don’t take a privilege or benefit. What I mean by signature is just signing your name. When you sign that name  without any reservation of rights, that is called a general capacity endorsement. That means you have agreed to everything. You are attaching yourself to that corporate citizen and you are subject to the duties of that citizenship which is based upon the statutes. Silence means if an actor as a police officer comes up to you and says you are violating a speeding and you do not make any claim to your citizenship and to your law specifically, that is called silent assent, or tacit procuration [definition; use]. You are agreeing to everything. And it’s another, and you are attached to the system. Use is driver’s license, social security number, residence, all sorts of things that can attach yourself. Date of birth. All those things, the all caps legal name. They are all operating through legal presumptions that everyone is a U.S. citizen and unless everyone gives notice, look this up in Black’s Law 4th. Once one gives notice of their status and capacity, they [the officer] no longer have plausible denial, they can’t say I don’t know or I never knew.”
  • “They have effectively dumbed down the people to participate in that system.”
  • “How to bring people out of this construct…They have to learn how these two systems were created.”
  • “They’re operating in fraud.
  • “There is a particular way to make an affidavit, I’m sorry, the jurat [definition] for the notary statement of venue. You will see “State of Arizona” or even in the court cases “State of Arizona versus John Doe” well people are putting State of Arizona on that, then they are putting themselves in that system. how about The State of Arizona, February 14th, AD 1912, that’s specifically the date when the state was granted statehood under the enabling acts and equal footing doctrine. How about The United States of America, March 4, AD 1789. And The County of… The reason I am saying ‘The’ is because they removed ‘the’ which is particular to a subject and if you go look back at what they call the style of judicial process in the constitution, here in Arizona it says the style of judicial process shall be “The State of Arizona”. Well look at the court cases, “State of Arizona”, well that’s the not the proper style for judicial process. That’s given as a cue in what they are doing. It is so masterfully woven.
  • “We have been suffering from what is called the loss of legal memory. Because all that stuff that happened in the past, they have removed it from public records and put it into archives. Let’s say for instance they pass a law, the federal reserve act, they won’t do much with it, they let it sit there for a while, 20 years, whatnot, until the New Deal. They leave it there so people become comfortable and safe, it’s called prescription. Once people forget what’s that about. Then they tighten the screws. They add another layer to the system. And another one. Another.”
  • There’s a fear among a lot of people that have been so conditioned that if we didn’t have all these laws we would have lawlessness. But under the original system, there were already safeguards which are liabilities, people have when one injures another. In that case, the government has the role to secure the rights of the private god-given, constitutionally protected and unalienable rights of the people. However since the federal United States government is not operating in the de jure offices, they’re foreign to the people. From the beneficial right of being secure of these rights, we can’t technically be secure. The only thing that happens from there is that they are estoppeled [definition], they cannot trespass, they cannot enter territorial into the republic. They can’t even recognize that system. That’s the other problem people have been having. They are trying to get the government, that system, to recognize them. They are trying to turn a legislative democracy into constitutional republic. There are two different dimensions [See PDF]. The only we can do is change who we are in relation to these systems.
  • “When the highway control man yanked my arm and slammed the first cuff on me, I said “I don’t consent to any of this. I am a man of peace and I will not fight you.” And it just threw him off.  [Editor note: See also videos on how to deal with the police.]
  • One of the segments discusses how to send mail for two cents by marking it as non-domestic, meaning without the United States/Federal Zone, and bracketing the zip code and a few other key steps.
  • He points out that the IRS defines ‘infant’ as the decedent [meaning dead people] of an estate… (see screenshot of manual)
  • “The book USA vs. US which is a must-read book. What I am doing is a little bit different.”  (U.S. of A. v U.S.: The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State (Affiliate link or standard link))
  • “We can make that declaration and invoke our unalienable rights and our constitutional rights [protections] and shut them down. Because they can only operate by fraud, deceit and ignorance and the loss of legal memory of the people who don’t understand this.”
  • “We need to deal with the root of the problem.”
  • 1 Samuel 8 – There is where Israel asked for a King. And when people abandon God’s law, his government, because God is the ultimate sovereign, the ultimate authority, and they went to a king or a man-made government to rule over them. And 1 Samuel 8 warned people what would happen, and this is what is going on.”
  • “Ballinger describes the word ‘human‘ through the word ‘monster’, a sole-less entity, a slave. We are men or women or homo sapiens, is the correct term. They have got us saying the word ‘human’. This is how innocuous or deceptive these words are, and we pick up and use, and bind ourselves to that [federal] system. Not knowing what we are doing. Just like the word U.S. citizen.”

Interview Recordings

1. Shell Games, 11-29 – Download (right-click)


2. Shell Games, 04-11 – Download (right-click)


3. Shell Games, 05-02 – Download (right-click)


4. Shell Games, 05-09 – Download (right-click)


5. Shell Games, 05-16 – Download (right-click)

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