Evergreen SHIP arrested. Only ships are arrested. Is thou a ship?

Eventually, thou will see that all our language is about maritime and shipping. That huge ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal was arrested!

Taiwanese liner Evergreen confirmed on Wednesday that the 20,388 teu Ever Given has been arrested by a court in Egypt this week. The giant, near full ship is in the Great Bitter Lake with a crew of 25 onboard, weeks after it ran aground, blocking the Suez Canal. (link to article)

Seeing the word arrest used in the context of a ship is compelling because they don’t ‘arrest’ cars or ‘arrest’ planes, but it is said that ships are ‘arrested’. Arrest means to stop a ship.

When the police say they will arrest you, they are really arresting your ship or your person. They ask for your name, and all ships have names, then they arrest you (plural).

Here’s another example:

Container ship arrested in Singapore

How does thou avoid (not evade) arrest? Simply don’t answer to the name. Are you ‘John Smith’? … Sorry, I’m not.

And just for the record, thou is not the all caps FIRST and LAST name.






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