“You cannot operate motor vehicle without a license.” Well, me not engaged in operation, me is traveling, so no license needed. Me using the auto, not operating it.

While speaking to a policé officer the other day about automobiles, he kept using the word ‘operate‘ or the phrase ‘operate the vehicle‘. Lo and behold, the word ‘operate’ has many meanings, many of which refer to work! The officer is trying to claim a person/franchise is operating a business and activity that is under the officer’s jurisdiction.

Here’s part of the definition of ‘operate’ which might surprise thee as well:

3 a: to perform an operation or a series of operations. “The refinery is planning to begin operating as soon as possible.”
b: to perform surgery. “The surgeon has been operating all morning.”
c: to carry on a military or naval action or mission. “The army will operate in conjunction with the air force.”
4: to follow a course of conduct that is often irregular “crooked gamblers operating in the club”

2 a: to cause to function : WORK. operate an automobile
b: to put or keep in operation. “operated a grocery store”

We all know about surgeons ‘operating on a patient’. A good business owner ‘runs a tight operation’. Well, let the policy officer prove I’m engaged in an operation. Where are the paying customers? Where are the goods he thinks I’m ‘trafficking”? Bring forth the evidence! Bring in the witnesses with first-hand account of this ‘operation’ that me is supposedly ‘operating’.

The truth is we are all traveling in auto-mobiles, because we have an un-alienable right to travel.

But we must rebut their claims or ask them to prove their claims. Note that silence is acquiescence. Rebellion is also not what one would call a courteous rebuttal.

Any officer that stops me for ‘operating’ a ‘motor vehicle’ with ‘passengers’ and/or ‘trafficked’ ‘cargo’ is wildly misinformed.

CNN Article

See this excerpt from news article that uses the word ‘operate‘ to describe a business:

Tren de Aragua, a transnational criminal gang that originated in a Venezuela prison and has slowly made its way south and north in recent years. They say it’s now operating in the United States. The scale of its operations is unknown, but crimes attributed to alleged members of the gang

Film clip – Invention of Lying

Not sure if this comedy film got it right, but the officer says ‘operating a vehicle’:

Start at 38 seconds.

Have you been drinking and operating this motor vehicle

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