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Documentary about Curfew Protests

Our group of people, of all ages, protested the San Diego curfew back in 1997. Here is a documentary about the protests and our tactics. I still support using the first amendment as a defense against the curfew. Meaning, you

Make & Wear Anti-Curfew Stickers as a First Amendment Activity

Many curfew laws allow a first amendment exception that allows people to be out past curfew if they are engaged in any activity listed in the first amendment. This page has directions on how to make stickers that say “Repeal

Curfew Protest at City Hall

San Diego, CA — The curfew protesters are taking their campaign to City Hall. The Campaign to Repeal the Curfew will hold a protest in the City Hall Concourse on Monday, September 29, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The

Anti-Curfew Campaign Protests Net of Intolerance

San Diego, CA — The San Diego government has more than just a safety net. To visually show that the San Diego juvenile curfew is a net of intolerance, curfew protesters will cover themselves with a fishing net at their

Curfew Protest in the Gas Lamp

San Diego, CA — The Campaign to Repeal the Curfew held a protest march in the Gas Lamp District last Saturday night. More than 70 anti-curfew protesters marched through the popular night spot chanting slogans such as, “This is America,

Nation Focuses on Curfew Protest

San Diego, CA — The curfew protesters wanted and are now getting their M-TV. As part of a series on youth rights in America, M-TV News will cover the Campaign to Repeal the Curfew’s next protest march this Saturday night

Curfew Protest Returns to La Jolla

San Diego, CA — On Saturday, August 9, the Campaign to Repeal the Curfew will have a protest march in La Jolla. After collecting almost 100 petition signatures during their march last Saturday night, they are returning to Prospect St.

Protest March in La Jolla

San Diego, CA — On Saturday night, 20 anti-curfew protesters marched along Prospect St. in La Jolla, California. Their march began at 10 p.m. and lasted until Midnight. The protesters chanted slogans, distributed literature, and solicited signatures for their petition.

150 Americans Attend Curfew Protest

San Diego, CA — More than 150 people attended the Rally Against the Curfew last night in Mission Bay Park. It was the 15th consecutive rally and also the most successful. Future rallies will held every Saturday until the city

Fenced In

San Diego, CA — Last night was reminiscent of the United States’ persecution of Japanese during World War II. At Mission Bay Park, citizens of San Diego protested the city’s juvenile curfew law by enclosing themselves in chicken wire. They