Using Mister and Miss is NOT polite. It turns people into navy personnel.

We’re taught that it’s impolite to reference someone by their given/first name. It’s not. It’s actually friendly and establishes closer relations. We’re taught to use mister and miss because mister and miss are titles in the navy. We’re all pretending everyone works for the navy or is in the military. Why? Because part of this government operates under martial/military law and the orders from this government apply to their personnel, their misters and misses. Thou must understand that when looked at from a military perspective, everyone is calling each other mister and they have a flag with gold trim and it’s all about a military proceeding. the police are actually military policy, at least when enforcing the legal (not lawful) ordinances. It all looks perfectly legitimate but the people have no idea what is going on and don’t realize that they have to follow the orders if they are misters and U.S. citizens, but don’t need to follow the orders if they are state citizens and demand to be called by their given names.

It just so frustrates me that we miss out on calling each other by our given names. we can’t say to a customer, “How are you today, Joe?” We are taught to say, “How are you Mr. Smith?”

Please, use people’s given names as much as possible.




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