Can thou navigate the courts? Man who travels, not drives, forced to endure battle against magistrate

We can all know that traveling on the roadways is different from driving on the roadways but what if they ignore our claims and through us into a (battery) cell? See video below

Are we ready to endure and battle their shenanigans?

The man in this video endured a SWAT-like team coming to home to arrest his ship [him] so they could prosecute him for not going along with the charade that we are (commercial) drivers when traveling on their roadways. He refused to bend.

A magistrate, the policé force, and others did the following:

  • jailed him multiple times
  • added fake charges to try to get a plea deal
  • falsely entered a plea for him
  • claimed it was a court of record but little if anything was in the record
  • assigned a public defender to him, against his wishes, only to eventually disband her
  • arrived at his home with seven sheriffs (to cause PTSD)
  • denied his right to ‘present’ himself rather than ‘re-present’ as the DEFENDANT

We must all take action in this area because they can’t persecute all of us or it’s much harder to deal with 10,000 travelers without licenses than the one brave man described here. If we all act, they will tire and move on. They will leave.

But the video is worth watching because this man really knows what is really going on, plus he has familiarity with court process, such as a demurrer noted above.

Can thou navigate the courts and a court case? For example, does thou know the meaning of Demurrer?

A demurrer in the legal sense is a defense that does not refute the true allegations made in the court of law, but rather claims the evidence presented is not sufficient enough to establish a cause of action. Demur means to delay, pause, hesitate, or suspend. Thus, when this plea is made, there is the benefit of a delay in the proceedings since a demurrer raises doubt and reluctance. This leaves room for the judge to contemplate the cause of action, which may result in a dismissal of the case. (source)

Here is the video description from YouTube publisher, immafreeman:


He was facing 4 years in jail according to the alleged judge, He walked out of court, did not pay any fees to the court and under threat and duress agreed to un supervised probation where he agreed to have his truck searched (that is the only thing he agreed to). No jury found him guilty of anything, so there was no conviction or sentencing.
This video shows the fraud of the Court system and the treason and rebellion against the rights of people guaranteed by the Constitution. It also shows what was done to stop the abuse by the Clerk of the Court, the District Attorney and the alleged Judge. They refused to file documents, refused to respond to documents, the Appellate court refused to rebut the Writ of Prohibition filed. No jurisdiction was ever shown to exist, and no court of record was ever established. No contract with the court was ever entered into, and Averill (judge) claimed in open court “You cant opt out of the system” in response to refusing to file Gary’s county recorder file stamped Affidavit of non U.S. Citizenship and supporting court cases on his right to travel. Gary was looking at 4 years in jail, walked out with unsupervised probation limited to one issue.


  • Affidavit to Abate
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Counterclaim
  • Judicial Performance ciminal complaint
  • Subpoena to Attorney General to testify to Constitutionality of Codes (refused by A.G.) and
  • Motion to Quash.

Immafreemanns advice: Never refuse to sign ticket, sign ticket non-assumpsit or no-contract or under protest. If you refuse, cop will take you to jail and the pain starts. If not in jail, you dont pay bail, don’t go to immediate arraignment where ordered to plea, don’t have public defender who waives all your rights ordered to represent the DEFENDANT, and once you pay bail they can take your money but without bail you can refuse to show up and instead file your paperwork requiring abatement and your Habeas Corpus and state your refusal to have any party represent you, prove your right to defend yourself and not be “re-presented” or be forced to agree to “re-present the DEFENDANT”.

Notice the routine scheme to force a PublicDefender on you immediately who then waives all rights?

File your affidavits of fact and make the record by getting file stamped copies, shows their intent to commit fraud later when they refuse to rebut them and proceed without jurisdiction. Then any orders given can be countered with a writ of error or a void judgment for a failure to prove jurisdiction. Do your homework get a copy of everything in your file 15 days after being accused and prove no warrant or probable cause hearing had taken place, or any sworn complaint by a first hand witness exists in the record, and get a copy of the Docket also showing same. Take a witness if possible who then files an affidavit of no swown witness oath (in front of another) alleging you commited a crime was in the record at the court.

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