Students challenge extra-curricular drug-testing

When Lindsay Earls and Daniel James made the decision to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities at Tecumseh High School, they intended to use the experience and class credits gained to increase their chances of attending competitive colleges. Instead, both students found themselves targets of suspicionless drug testing. Together they filed a federal […]

Stoned but not suspended

The 2nd District Court of Appeals, which is just under the Supreme Court, ruled that a student cannot be suspended just because it appears that the student is under the influence of drugs. The court added that there must be evidence such as the actual possession of drugs.

Police instinctually ignore teen smoking laws

Teen smokers are getting a break in Indianapolis, Indiana. Despite numerous laws that forbid teen smoking, few police officers enforce the statute. Conceivably, many people may believe that the police are busy pursuing real criminals, but the police may simply be instinctually ignoring the teen smoking laws because they are unjust.

Arlington School Persecutes Drinkers

The personal lives of students in Arlington, Virginia are under attack. In July, the school board passed a new policy which prohibits any student who has been issued a ticket for possessing alcohol, who admitted to drinking or who has been seen drinking by a district employee — regardless of whether it is at a […]

Drug Dealers Busted by Undercover Student

Watch out, your classmate may be an undercover cop. In Toronto, Canada, a 27-year-old police officer posed as a student to find the school’s drug dealers. This happened in Canada, but since the officer’s efforts led to the arrest of 14 students, United States police officers may try similar tactics.

Canadian Teenagers Allowed to Carry Smokes On Bus

A school district in Canada recently revised its policy detailing student conduct on buses by removing cigarettes from the list of substances permitted on buses. Since people under the age of 18 can possess cigarettes and smoke them, the school principal did not want to, “send the problem underground and create a whole bunch of […]