Letter to the Editor of 48 Hours (CBS)

48 Hours is a weekly news magazine on the CBS Television Network. The following is a letter to 48 Hours, regarding a recent broadcast on “troubled” teens, by Alice Lillie, a Libertarian Party activist in Las Vegas. “Thank you for Thursday’s episode. [October, 1998] I found it very, very biased in favor of the mistreatment […]

Stop your abduction

When you go to sleep tonight, you may not have to set your alarm because two big guys are going to wake you up, force you into their car, and then drive you to a teen concentration camp. You can prevent your abduction or possibly ensure you’re ultimate escape by visiting the website of Teen Aid, […]

Commentary – The Camps

Many parents, if you can call them that, are now sending their rebellious teenagers to behavior modification camps, like Tranquility Bay. These camps, unlike many beneficial rehab and therapy facilities, force teenagers to stay against their will, torture them, and are often located in a foreign country. Parents often hire escort services to kidnap their children […]

Personal Story: James

My name is james and i just recently read the article by an anomonous author about casa by the sea in ensenada, i read the article because i also spent time there…a year of my life wasted at that money scam. I was forced to go, and not only that but forced to spend over […]