New Handout – Nine Pages – Introduces key points from this website. Share IRL or via email

Excited to share this nine-page handout that introduces some of the main points on Educated in Law. Scroll below or download. Within the embedded viewer below, there is a floating toolbar with a button to expand the viewer to full screen. Click the button with four arrows pointing to the corners. Print this handout, place […]

Escape Tickets, Courts, and the IRS “Escape Harassment”

Copied from a site that is no longer online.  Also see this page. Introduction “Escape Harassment” is a Volunteer Group of Researchers and Educators. The American people ‘think’ they live in a “Constitutional Republic”, the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. They are brainwashed/ indoctrinated (education by omission) into “Democracy” (mob rule), by […]

Using non-domestic letters to establish domicile. A miracle on thy street. Kris of the Kringles did it this way.

One way to prove domicile without/outside of federal jurisdiction may be to send oneself a letter or postcard using my non-domestic letter method. The letter would be sent to thee but would specifically state ‘without United States‘ and ‘non-domestic‘. If federal agents arrive at thy doorstep, thou could show the letter and state, “Well doesn’t […]

There are state citizens and federal citizens. Don’t say US citizen.

There are state citizens (of the 50 states) and there are federal citizens (in the territories). Don’t say the phrase U.S. citizen because it is intentionally confusing and almost ambiguous. Question: “Am you a U.S. Citizen?” Answer: “I am a state citizen of ________” As shrewd debaters do, don’t accept their premise. Answer the question […]