Former USofA military leaders hint at a coup

Seems like they’re hinting at a coup in this news article about former top generals saying they are having trouble maintaining the traditional relationship between the military and civilian worlds. Past Pentagon leaders warn of strains on civilian-military relations The Pentagon’s former defense secretaries and top generals warned Tuesday that political polarization and other societal […]

John Wayne’s character was a peace officer, not a policé/policy officer, as shown in True Grit

Law and order was enforced by the peace officer, not the policé/policy officer, according to the film True Grit, starring John Wayne. Old movies, regardless if based on true events, show how a series of events would have occurred had it been real. The film makers, if they’re honest, study the time period and have […]

They speak French so flip their words – ‘law merchant’ is ‘merchant law’, ‘passport’ is ‘portpass’

Intro Even diehard proponents of the topics covered here are still not translating French words and this leads to confusion. There are essays by other authors on this site that say Law Merchant. Now that sounds like a merchant that sells laws. It’s not. It’s French. To translate into English, we flip the words and […]

Lemonade stand owner fails to rebut presumptions that she sells to the public, meaning gov’t

A lemonade stand owner, a particularly young one, was duped into believing she was selling to the public and consequently the police/policy officers, who enforce gov’t codes, stopped her for selling without a license. “the city ordinance in Alliance states that vendors must obtain licenses before selling products to the public“ The big mistake was […]