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School censors heterosexuals

A group of students at Rio Linda High School in California exercised their first amendment rights by wearing t-shirts that condemned another student effort to highlight the struggles of homosexuals. One protestor’s t-shirt said “Sodomy is a sin” and had

Students protest suspension caused by facebook comments

Students at a Toronto high school protested the expulsion of five students, who posted derogatory comments about the school’s vice principal on facebook. The protest started at 8:30 a.m. with about 100 people waving signs and soliciting honks from passing

Students use local TV news to overturn jelly bracelet ban

Submitted to Libertarian Rock. (Send us your story!) (2004) Hello, I currently attend a public high school where the principal is trying to ban jelly bracelets. Other people like to call them “sex bracelets”. I and a lot of my

Comic strip creator wins right to distribute on school property

I handed out the first in what was supposed to be a series of comic strips at the entrance of my high school, Newton North. The comic strip was titled, “A Day at PCHS,” and it made fun of certain

Nick Dodds wins right to protest with a black arm band

Hey guys! It’s me again — Nick Dodds. It’s been quite a while since I wrote you, but I got yet another story from the Canadian front lines. . .

Rockstar: Questioning Authority in Canada

Hi. my name is Nick Dodds, I’m 11 and in grade 6. I go to king city public school in ontario. and I would consider myself a libertarian rockstar. In my school in Ontario Canada I put up a sighn

School’s ban on cross necklaces is Christian-bashing

A threat by an Alabama school to discipline an 11-year-old girl for wearing a cross necklace shows why you can’t trust government schools to protect religious freedom, the Libertarian Party said today.

Insane Clown Police

The Constitution of the United States protects free speech, even speech that is offensive or lewd. Despite this, police officers or legislatures often take things into their own hands and attempt to eliminate speech they don’t agree with. Take the

Lawsuit threats squash suspension and expulsion

After the Colorado shootings, A lot of attention was drawn to my web-site. Everyone who knows me or has seen my site knows I’m basically a weirdo, so of course the content and writings of my PERSONAL HOMEPAGE are going

Gun-rights T-shirt earns kid suspension

A west-suburban 6th grader was suspended from his middle school for wearing a T-Shirt bearing the logo of the Illinois State Rifle Association (the Illinois NRA affiliate). The teacher claimed that the state rifle association is a violent group and