Identity means Entity ID, which describes a business, not living men or women. Thou does not have an ‘identity’ (or a NAME).

When thou is asked for thy ‘ID’ or ‘identity’. They are really asking for your Entity ID. This is because they can’t deal with man, they can only deal with corporations.

Screen shot of corporate tax bill with "Entity ID"

In most cases, UNITED STATES and STATE OF VERMONT (for example) and COUNTY OF _____ and CITY OF ______ are all corporations. And since like can only interact with like, their agents are seeking to deal with the FIRST LAST corporation that thou mistakenly thinks is thee. Thou is John Smith, not JOHN SMITH.

The identity ID for JOHN SMITH is the nine-digit tax ID number (mistakenly called a social security number).

Another way, it seems to say identity ID is to flip the words into IDENTITY.

It is common for ‘them’ to trick us with words and hide the real meaning in plain site.

Now that thou sees this, it’s completely obvious they are asking for your business name.

One might answer and say i don’t have a business or corporation.

Study accounting and taxes to learn more about freedom. Why? Because everything you have been taught refers to commerce and business.

Thou may have heard that ‘all crimes are commercial’. This is true because the corporate entities masquerading as government cannot hold down men, so they press ‘charges’ against the corporation and trick men into thinking they are agents for that corporation, the all caps name, JOHN SMITH.

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