Video – Man uses car without driver’s license. Policy Officers detain, then free him

Video of a man traveling in his conveyance yet stopped by the policy officers. He held his ground and emphasized the following:

  • He was not driving. He was traveling.
  • Drivers are taxi drivers and bus drivers.
  • He is not a mister/master of a boat. He is just called by his name.
  • He had a common law paper to show who he is. [not sure this was needed]
  • He held his ground even though they offered to arrest his body/boat. They offered many times and he did not back down!

Scroll down after video.

Note, he does have a driver’s license, which they looked up, but he said he did not need it then because he was not driving, meaning he was not working. He was not trafficking goods or carrying passengers/customers.

As noted by the AntiTerrorist, these interactions are a battle. I would say they are a battle of words.

  • They’re saying driving. We say traveling.
  • They are saying we need a license. We are saying we don’t because we’re not driving at this moment.

Also see this video and popular page: Traveling versus driving; no license needed (video proof)

This youtuber also has this sticker on his conveyance:

Anything attached to this vehicle will incur a fee of $1,000,000 payable on demand.

And these plates on his conveyance:

plates on car. plate just has 1006

Great for young people

It occurs to me that young people aged below the ‘legal’ ‘driving’ age would be especially interested in this topic as they aren’t even allowed to participate in the driver’s license deception. They could be on the road much earlier with this approach.


Not sure what to do about insurance, but I’m sure an insurance company would write some sort of policy. They will even insure a movie star’s legs. Please comment below if thou has insight into this part.



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One comment on “Video – Man uses car without driver’s license. Policy Officers detain, then free him

  1. I read that you can get insurance with your passport and in fact it is significantly cheaper when not attached to a license or SS number

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