Cops let go man with no license and in car lacking plate. Audit the Audit refuses to accept reality. Arizona video.

Cops let go a man traveling in his car with no license plate and no license. Cops pretend they need to get to more important calls, but really they have no jurisdiction.

Famous YouTuber, Audit the Audit, won’t believe the video. Says cops are right and traveler is wrong.

  1. Man does a great job, obviously. He had proof that he sent back his driver’s license. He proved that he sent back the registration and tag/plate.
  2. He said he was not engaged in a commercial activity. True!
  3. Man correctly said that he was not ‘operating’ a vehicle and brought up that drivers ‘operate’ buses.
  4. Man brings up U.S. Constitution but that does not apply to states or cities.
  5. Cop says man cannot ‘drive’ without a license in STATE OF ARIZONA. Man could have asked if STATE OF ARIZONA is Arizona.
  6. Man could have challenged every mention of ‘driving’. “Me not driving.”
  7. Man could have challenged the use of ‘Sir’ by the cops. Sir is a reference to an officer. Man needs to say ‘stop saying Sir’ because he does not want to be presumed to be an officer.


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