(Video) State National does not matter if thou contracts rights away. Driver’s License, Allodial Title, Baby scheme, and more

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Someone posted a comment recently stating Dept of State or Sec of State returned letters stating his status and the man was exasperated on what to do next. Well, me assumes the man is already a state national and does not need Dept of State, his servant, to confirm this. He did make an effort to correct the record, by sending a letter (hopefully autographed under penalty of perjury), and if they want to return it, so be it. He’s still a state national.

What matters is how one conducts one’s life. Any state national simply (or not so simply) needs to live life as a mankind and not as the corporate person created with the 2nd birth certificate.

  • A state national does not need a license to use (not operate or drive) an auto mobile (not motor vehicle) if the state national got back the MCO, which shows who owns it.
  • A state national can claw back allodial title to land and no longer be exposed to property tax (property is technically not land).
  • A state would not vote in their ‘national’ elections which is either for United States (meaning the territories) or United States, meaning the corporation.
  • A state national can work and the proceeds are not ‘taxable income’, but instead is non-taxable income. But does he feel comfortable stating or claiming he is not a citizen or resident of the United States (he’s not).
  • A state national cannot be ‘drafted’ (like a bank transaction).
  • A state national does not need to send his/her sons and daughters to attend/work at their school-work institutions with someone who is ‘principal’ of the company. A state national would have the COLB for his sons and daughters.

One must correct historical inaccuracies by claiming and proving one is a state national (get the COLB). Then one must live as a state national and should one of the municipal corporations (created by governments) come knocking, one must state one’s status and ask them to prove they have jurisdiction. If they are trying to stop thee or tax thee, ask them where, pray tell, did they get the right to do this? They may have jurisdiction over their person (created by the 2nd birth certificate) but thou is doing whatever it is as a man or woman, not as a corporate person. Ok, so let them prove they have jurisdiction over the man or woman. They don’t and they can’t.

Most people hang themselves by saying they are a citizen or a U.S. citizen or a resident, or defendant, or driver, or operator, etc. The 1040 form is how people make themselves liable. The federation government puts 1040 forms everywhere (or they did before the electronic versions) so, like the mouse that takes the cheese, people would mistakenly characterize their non-taxable income as taxable income. And this can happen even if Dept of State or Sec of State acknowledges a letter stating one is a state national.

They have deployed many traps for state nationals. Send the letter to Dept of State. Let them send it back. No matter. The lion was brave. The tinman had a heart. And the scarecrow had a brain. They didn’t need Oz to confirm this.

Here’s the comment that inspired this post:

Hello, I’ve been racking my brains & scouring many sources for the end-all answer to how I get to State national status and standing in which I have tried to apply several remedies to include the letter the SoS, State Dept as well as Head of Administrative records in the State Dept. All attempts have been “rebutted” by them in which I was sent a response which included their Jargon in one form or another. The jargon included craftily directs me to jump back on the never ending merry-go-round of non-sensical answers, Public Law and INA definitions. The problem here is that my voluntary designation was rebutted, so any thoughts on what I might be able to apply next? Thank you kindly. (source)

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