Video – Florida policy officers pressure man to id-entity as the U.S. person franchise. Man stands his ground!

See video below.

7:48 she keeps asking ‘do you understand?’ because this question technically means ‘do you agree you are bound by these statutes?’. Always need to answer, ‘me overstand’. And don’t say “I” which could be heard as ‘Aye’.

5:53 Woman officer says, “first things first…we need to identify who we’re talking to.” This is a lie and a truth. Yes, they need to see if they have jurisdiction over the man or woman, but they don’t have jurisdiction over most men or women. They ask us to id-entity ourselves b/c they want and need to create joinder between a U.S. Person franchise and the man or woman. The U.S. Person is under their jurisdiction so from the start if they can dupe a man or woman into saying he or she is that person, then the policy officers can force the men or woman to follow public policy and merchant statutes. On our side, we must be ready to rebut this presumption and these incessant attacks. The man is phenomenal on this. He never acquiesces. Bravo.


7:59 Woman officer says, “Florida statute, you have to identify yourself to a police/policy officer’ – this is true for U.S. person franchise agents, not for people (men and women). They have not confirmed he is acting for a U.S. Person franchise, so he is not obliged to follow the merchant statutes for U.S. person franchises. The military has many, many rules for its soldiers, but the military policy/police know these rules only apply to soldiers. So in this case, the woman policy officer is assuming he is acting for a U.S. Person. He needs to keep rebutting her false premise.

8:20 Woman officer describes man as ‘male’ because they don’t want to treat him as a man, they instead assume he is acting through a person. I guess they call persons ‘male’ or ‘female’ depending on who is the main agent of the person/franchise. Wires can have male and female ends as well. Important for us to say we are men or women when dealing with policy officers

24:08 woman officer says she’s being really nice. Yeah, sure. \

24:30 Man officer says the problem is not the ID, it’s that the victim refuses to identify himself. But this would not be benign. The officers want him to create joinder with the artificial U.S. person franchise so they can they apply the penalties of the statutes to a man. Without joinder, the man is free. 25:20 Friends of victim say, “Why is he going to jail?” Woman policy officer says, ‘because he is not cooperating.” Yes, agents of U.S. person franchises need to follow public policy, but not men and women. She and her accomplices are kidnapping this man. They are acting outside of the scope of their office and can be pursued under common law for restitution.

1:50 Bravo. Man keeps asking ‘what crime he’s been suspected of committing’. He also says, “you have no reason to order me around if no crime has been committed.” “Unless you tell me what crime you’re suspecting me, I don’t have to listen to a damn thing you’re telling me.’ “if I can’t go freely, it’s called being under arrest.’ “It’s called harassment. We’re sitting here enjoying ourselves, and you come over here and harass us.” “You mean taking orders from you even though I have not committed a crime? That’s called Nazism.” This man is on point!

7:40 3rd policy officer leans right hand on firearm to intimidate, as all three crowd around him to intimidate him to give up his unalienable rights.

5:17 2nd policy officer arrives and stands all jacked with him adjusting shirt on his bicep while he repeatedly taps firearm on belt to draw attention to it. All of them are bullies.

Sgt. Amy Moon
Cocoa Beach Police

The worst part is her annoying voice.


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