Video: Policy force lets go Aussie woman using car – no plates, no registration

Another video of traveler using car and the policy force detains, then lets her go. Why? Precisely because her car was NOT registered. Therefore did not need their plates/inventory-tag. And therefore they did not have jurisdiction! But they issued bogus ‘ticket’ anyway. Regardless, she was free to go!

How many videos do people need to see to show that we can travel in private cars that don’t require an inventory-tag from DMV. We can rebut their claims that we are ‘for hire’, meaning driving.

As for this strong woman:

  1. She correctly states it’s a private car. She actually said ‘private vehicle’. I would say ‘private car. But regardless, she is walking the walk and traveling as a free woman.
  2. She points out that they work for a corporation.
  3. She could have rebutted their claim she was in a ‘vehicle’. They were implying motor vehicle, and a ‘motor vehicle’ is a taxi or cargo truck
  4. One can’t answer their questions because to do so would validate their premise. “Is this vehicle registered for the roads?” Can’t answer because the first better question is whether it’s a vehicle.
  5. Having the window even slightly open is a risk, as shown at the end where the policy officer slides the ticket through the window. We need to travel with screens that allow for speaking but ensure there no channel for a ticket.
  6. She didn’t sign the ticket and it seems they didn’t even ask her. But she is correct that even accepting the ticket may imply acceptance of their premise and related contracts. She likely is now obliged to return it to them via post.

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