Diagram showing real-life versus their use of corporations to control us

On the left is the real-world structure and hierarchy of the 50 American states and the servant organization they created called United States, in Congress Assembled. On the left, that servant organization cannot control the people, such as John Henry (given name). Faced with this obstacle, the servant organization adopted Plan B, which has been working quite well for them.

real world versus

Note, that California has its FRANCHISE TAX BOARD. Proof that they don’t hide what they’re doing.

TX is not the same as Texas. TX is the federal area within the borders of Texas. Note that postage in TX is 55 cents, but postage for a letter in Texas is two cents (we use four).

Anything in all caps is a corporation or dead (as in the all caps letter on a tombstone). When thou sees thy give name joined with thy family name, and set in all caps, that my friend is the name of a corporation, and more specifically, a franchise of one of the two-letter things noted above (such as TX or FL).

This diagram was added to the popular page showing their own code, the U.S. code (company policy), states that UNITED STATES can refer to a corporation.

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