They pretend I’m a bastard, create a trust for me, then i never claim it!

It seems we’re all trust-fund babies. But we act like illegitimate paupers.

This is the scam:

  1. Mom and dad duped into having baby at a hospital. All hospitals are for unwed, indigent moms to abandon their baby.
  2. Mom gives maiden name on form (as informant), implying she is married, and then her baby is considered illigitamet and either never can inherit property or can’t until 18.
  3. Baby is considered ward of the state and brought to maternity ward.
  4. State (or a corporation that calls itself a state) creates a trust for the baby to hold the baby’s property. The same corporation may borrow against the expected lifelong earnings of the baby and place those funds into the trust. That’s my current thinking, at least.
  5. Baby needs guardians and lo and hehold the real mom and dad agree to become ‘parents’ of the abandoned ‘child’. So mom and dad merely watching and raising the baby, which can be taken away at any item because legally, the state is watching after and responsible for the baby.
  6. Baby grows up and at 18 could likely claim the trust and say, hey i’m here and mature and can manage my affairs now. Don’t need the ‘guardians’ or the state to provide necesities.
  7. But grown man never claims trust and continues to be ward of the state

I think that trust should have a share of the natural resources of the state, like the citizens of Alaska, I believe, get a share of their state’s earnings from drilling, etc.

So I’m going to focus on the process of explaining (1) i am over 18 (2) I can now either be the executor of the trust or the trust can be collapsed and I would get whatever is in it (3) possibly also correct the record that I was never a bastard and my mom was married when I was born.

Why else would they pretend my mom abandoned me? It’s got to be to get my birthright claim to a share of the resources of the state.

One challenge is that if they borrowed money against my future earnings, was the principal and interest paid? i guess the trustees would have to provide a full accounting of earnings and disbursements from the trust and i could see where things stand.

Some say that the social security number is the account number for the trust. Others say the number on the short-form birth certificate is the account number.

I’ve heard Bill Turner say that possibly both birth certificates (short and long) are tickets confirming property is being held in trust and one redeems either or both to get control of the trust. I believe it’s that one needs to be the executor, not the trustee.

It also makes sense that I am currently, without doing anything, the beneficiary of the trust — a trust-fund baby — and can use the funds from the trust, as I believe so many banks are already doing. It makes sense to me that when I provide the social security number and my autograph on a negotiable instrument (aka document), then I am actually writing a check in some form….

Hope this helps. Took me a while to get here.


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