Corporate STATES have Dept of Revenue because corporations are franchises that share part of their revenue. Same with the ‘individual’ person.

State of Tennessee, meaning the municipal corporation, has a Department of Revenue because the entity is a corporation and it takes it’s corporations. Corporate officers think they’re paying an ‘income tax’ but it’s actually a Franchise/Excise Tax, as shown below. Franchising is profitable and there is an entire Department of Revenue to monitor this.

TN Department of Revenue - You have a new message from the Tennessee Department of Revenue for your Franchise/Excise Tax account...

Note also:

  • the entity calls itself State of Tennessee, not just Tennessee. Way back when, likely after the 2nd War for Independence (aka Civil War), the States were pressured, duped or enticed into created corporations as a means to extract wealth from the people who cannot be taxed on actions due to unalienable rights, such as right to support oneself and right to own land.
  • The entity uses the corporate or federation abbreviation TN rather than the original abbreviation Tenn.

The solution is to not incorporate (into the State of Tennessee). Conduct business as a trading company that trades, not sails/sales. Get insurance or have savings to field any lawful actions against the company.

Pushing companies and people to incorporate is one of those key deceptions that ensnares people into the legal and corporate jurisdiction, with all it’s taxes and statutes.

The ‘person‘ is also an ‘individualcorporation and also a franchise of the corporate State of Tennessee and other similar municipal corporations. Conducting one’s life through the person (identified with the 2nd birth certificate) is just like conducting one’s life through a new business. It’s another key deception that Shanghais people into the legal, corporate, merchant system with countless merchant statutes (statues).

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