Diagram showing lawful versus legal & NBA game rules & Sharia

I don’t care if something is illegal! I also don’t care if something violates Sharia law! And lastly, I’m going to hold a ball without dribbling it! Sounds crazy to not care about legality until one reviews the diagram below. ‘Legal’ and Sharia and NBA game rules are subsets of ‘lawful’ and only apply to agreements within those spheres or venues.

Big green circle with label of lawful/unlawful. With three smaller circles, one saying Sharia law, NBA game rules, and legal/illegal.

What we think are ‘authorities’ are trying to pretend that the legal framework is the only venue. For the most part, people and businesses have mistakenly placed themselves into the legal framework. But the common law venue is still available.

Now if one has ‘signed’ a legal contract, then legality does carry a lot of weight. Similarly, if someone joins the military, then one must obey military law. The military even has their own Military Policy/Police force to enforce military codes. But that does not apply to me.

Imagine if I’m walking along the street holding a basketball and someone walks up in a fancy black and white striped uniform and tries to say I committed a foul. Would it be odd right? That’s basically what is happening when the policy/police force tries to apply their Municipal Corporate Code against a man or woman.

Their code only applies to persons, meaning business entities, and more specifically U.S. persons, which are franchises of the municipal corporation United States. So legal/illegal usually applies to persons, and persons are not men and women.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some people think Sharia law is the highest law of the land.

Now all of the smaller venues cannot break common law, which is the law of the land. It is the custom of the people of that land. The 50 united states are common law venues. For this reason, the ‘authorities’ try to shanghai people into the legal venue by pretending one must get one of their licenses. But by getting one of their licenses, that is the act that makes one follow their legal code.

Don’t get the license. Then no need to follow their code.

Imagine a world where everyone was convinced we’re all in the NBA. And we must follow the NBA rules everywhere. That’s the world we live in now.

So pick up a ball and walk with it. And by that I mean, unregister to vote, claim allodial title to thy land (not property), get a portpass/passport as a state Citizen, get the MCO for thy car, and likely send back the driver’s license. Learn more at the archived state Citizen service center.



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