India, like most ‘countries’, is a federation, not a nation-state. Indian states are pushing back.

A recent article about India reveals the truth about the USofA political structure, which is a federation, not a nation-state.

“Regional leaders have described the behavior of the central government, which holds more power than in federal systems like the United States’, as that of a colonial overlord. In the south, the most developed and innovative part of India, officials have spoken of a “separate nation” for their region if the “patterns of injustice” continue.

“Mr. Modi and his lieutenants have in turn accused the state leaders of harboring a “separatist mind-set” and pursuing politics that could “break the nation.”

The article headline reads, “Modi’s Party Doesn’t Control All of India. But He’s Working on It.”

The article continues:

“Mr. Modi, who is well placed to win a third term in a national election that will begin on April 19, is wielding an increasingly heavy hand in what his opponents call an unfair effort to drive out the governments of the states his party does not control.”

“The tensions are tearing at India’s delicate federal formula of power sharing and political competition, the glue holding the country together across 28 states and eight territories.”

Neither India nor The United States of America is a ‘nation’. They are both federations. This matters because the federation management cannot control the people in the member states.

The USofA federal government only manages the international affairs of the union and can exert an iron fist upon any inhabitants of the federal territories.


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