Lodges are by waterways. The Masons pretend their buildings are by waterways. They pretend everything is by the water.

Lodges are structures by the water or on ships, yet the Masons still refer to their buildings as lodges. Well the masons and others pretend everything is by or on the water as part of their maritime ruse.

Leave it to X/Twitter Grok AI to clearly define lodge in the context of boats:

“In the context of ships, ‘lodge’ refers to a small, temporary shelter or cabin on the ship for crew members or passengers. It is typically used to describe a modest, basic accommodation on board a vessel.”

Or as:

“A boat lodge is a type of lodging or accommodation specifically designed for boat owners and water enthusiasts. These lodges typically offer convenient access to the water, boat slips or moorings, and various amenities related to boating and water sports. Boat lodges can be found in various locations, such as coastal towns, lakeside resorts, and marinas.”

Here is a photo of a boat lodge sign, presumably by the water!

photo of roadside sign stating "Boat Lodge" with phone number

Yet all Masonic meeting places are called lodges (or maybe they’re called Temples) as well:

We must always rebut the presumption that we’re using merchant statutes, on a ship, captain of a ship, making a delivery, etc.

Masons meet in buildings, not lodges, unless that building is by the water.

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