Federation not claiming jurisdiction over the states. The two-letter regions and the Justice districts prove this.

Nothing changed after the ‘civil war’ in terms of federal jurisdiction with respect to the 50 united States. United States, in Congress assembled, claims jurisdiction over bodies we think are the 50 States, but in fact are just federal areas within the states. United States claims jurisdiction over entities like “CA” and “Northern District of California”. There is no mention of California, the state created in 1850. Just CA and various ‘districts’ of California. Oh, there is also a claim to the zip-code areas.

The gold-trimmed flags displayed behind politicians at almost every event show that politician speaks for the military arm of United States, in Congress assembled. It’s martial-law according to that flag. But where are they claiming martial law? I had thought they might be claiming martial law over the 50 united States, but no longer feel that way, because of the points noted above. I think the martial law is just an additional, stronger posture for the federation government when applying its jurisdiction to the people on federal land.

The key is to assert one is on (not in) one of the 50 united States, and to be specific about that state by, for example, stating the year the state was created. Otherwise, the federation may assume it’s on overlay state or the federal state within the original state.


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