Muni Corp VILLAGE OF KEY BISCAYNE bans ‘operation’ (business) of ebikes by the public (not the private); and BTW, not on main boulevard

Well the public, not the private, can’t operate (meaning conduct business) with ebikes within the overlay area under the jurisdiction of THE VILLAGE OF KEY BISCAYNE Incorporated.

The corporation plans to educate it’s public, meaning employees.

Fair to say that the muni corp also thinks they can ban people in the private from operating (as a business) with ebikes. But unlikely people are going to offer for-hire rides for (paying) passengers, therefore unlike anyone wants to operate an ebike. Plenty of people want to use ebikes, but not operate them. We know that operate means to conduct a business.

Now people, meaning men and women, must not mistakenly create joinder to the U.S. person/franchise created when they were born and now used to dupe them into not using their un-alien-able right to travel. So as long as people don’t identity as a person/franchise/LLC created by the same entity that created VILLAGE OF BISCAYNE then those people will be free to travel from Harbor Park to Key Biscayne Beach and from Calusa Park to Bill Baggs State Park.

VILLAGE OF BISCAYNE is a municipal corporation. Biscayne is town within Florida. When Biscayne town officials decided to create muni corp and conduct all their affairs through the muni-corp, they reduced their status to that of a corporation that can only act upon its property and only do business with other corporations, which are also called persons. Person means artificial entity. People are flesh and blood.

Companies/corporations place orders. Lo and behold, this corporation has issued an ordinance. Sounds like order, doesn’t it? They love word play. They love words that sound similar. Ordinance = Order. The corporation VILLAGE OF BISCAYNE is placing an order with all persons/franchises dumb enough to accept the order.

Ordinance: Middle English, from Anglo-French & Medieval Latin; Anglo-French ordenance order, disposition, from Medieval Latin ordinantia, from Latin ordinant-, ordinans, present participle of ordinare to put in order — more at ORDAIN. (Webster’s definition of Ordinance)

And note that the above word history references ‘ordain’. We know they used to dupe people with wor-ship/warship and years ago they ordained things, now they issue ‘ordinances’ which are just (purchase) orders. Ordinance makes it sound special.

The ordinance does not apply to a ‘person with a disability’, and it’s worth noting the ordinance only applies to persons, though not explicitly mentioned.

The provisions of this emergency ordinance do not apply to a person with a disability who uses a motorized wheelchair or other motorized mobility vehicle or device. (pg 4 of ordinance)

Many mentions of ‘personal’ devices, which of course are used by persons, and they mean the franchises incorporated into STATE OF FLORIDA and UNITED STATES. They mean artificial entities. They don’t mean flesh and blood people.

VILLAGE OF KEY BISCAYNE’s policy force will obviously enforce this (public) policy upon members of the public, not the private.

Section 7. Enforcement. Following adoption of this emergency ordinance, the
Village shall engage in public education efforts to inform the public of the provisions of this
ordinance. The Village Police shall enforce all provisions in this emergency ordinance.

Towns have always had sheriffs and deputies, and the policy force was needed once the governments created muni corps and countless statutes that needed to be enforced. Of course, the statutes only apply to the public, not the private, and to their corporate artificial persons.

Regardless of all of the above, and for those unfamiliar with the difference between public vs private and person vs people, this ordinance does not even apply to the main road through Key Biscayne, since that is under the jurisdiction of Miami County.

Crandon Boulevard, including sidewalks, is under the jurisdiction of Miami-Dade County. As such, Electric Bicycles may be permitted on Crandon Boulevard, including sidewalks, in accordance with State and Miami-Dade County rules and regulations.


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