Video: CITY OF DENVER policy officers have ‘business cards’ because they are doing business

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Two CITY OF DENVER policy officers provided ‘business cards’ because they are literally doing business. The officers pulled up and intimidated the a man known for asserting his rights, in this case filming. The man requested the names of the officers, and the officers provides business cards.

People operating businesses have business-cards.

Business card of policy officer for CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER

These could be called just ‘cards’ but instead the policy officers both said they have ‘business cards’. They want to make clear, unbeknownst to them, that they are not trying to gain jurisdiction over people, but instead jurisdiction over persons/franchises of the CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER.

In this case, they are trying to do business or enforce the policies on their U.S. person franchises. They are like the internal inspectors of Burger King who insect franchise locations. For this reason, the officers must confirm the entity. They ask for id-entity-ification. Entity is a common word in finance to describe a business or part of a group of businesses.

If the man mistakenly provides id-entity card or agrees to be the agent for the franchise-person, then the policy officers have jurisdiction. In this case, the man does not fall for their scheme.

Then the policy officer asks for a name. Name also in their world means business-name. Or at the very least they want a business name such as JOHN H. JONES not John of the Jones family. They want the name on the [social] security card. The security number is for the franchise (person).

Note the offering of business cards in this clip.

Both policy officers scattered in the wind when the man refused to act as agent for one of their persons.

💡One over-arching problem is that policy officers are taught that everyone is a person and therefore under the jurisdiction of the municipal corporations such as CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER. So the policy officers show up thinking they have the upper hand. The chief of police does everyone a disservice by teaching lies to the officers. Anyway, these officers show up thinking they are superior to men and women and are astonished when men and women refuse to be the agents for the franchise/persons.


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