Patriotic? Fly the state flag

With July 4 approaching, everyone usually gets out the stars and stripes. But thou would be better served flying thy state flag. First, each state achieved independence in 1776, in addition to the union of states, USA. Second, a flag signifies jurisdiction and thou would be better off enlisting into thy state’s jurisdiction rather than […]

Residency means temporary. Lionel Richie will do residency at a Vegas hotel.

The truth is in plain site, as they say. Residency means temporarily living somewhere. See the Instagram post below stating Lionel Richie will have a residency at the Wynn Las Vegas. Even ‘permanent resident’ means thou is likely visiting permanently. Domicile is something different and worth reviewing. I believe it’s assumed thy domicile is on Washington, DC. I am […]

Society? Which society

Long ago I had read that implicitly we’re all assumed to be part of the ‘legal society’. When someone ask if you’re a part of society, thou thinks it means thou is part of the general population, the people. But really, sometimes, in some settings, thou is being ask if thou is part of the […]