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New page about the title ‘Mister’

What a retired admiral said about the title ‘mister’ prompted me to finally created a related page. The retired admiral said that a new Navy recruit will be called by his family name initially. Then when he (or she) becomes

They ask, “What is your address?” not “What is your home location?”

The word, address, is yet another word with an odd legal meaning. Bouvier’s law dictionary says that it means the ‘court where the plaintiff seeks his remedy‘. That’s a whole lot different from the word meaning ‘where one lives.’ I know

Added “it ain’t me” response to Winning at Court page

On the Winning at Court page, I added the method of returning the summons and any court documents; as in return-to-sender. I also changed the name of the page! It was ‘winning in court’ but of course no one living