A town-ship? Why have they added the word ‘ship’ to town? Dave Chapelle is building in one.

Many ‘towns’ are actually called ‘townships’. Anything with the word ship attracts my attention because I know the whole legal world applies to imaginary ships they created and we serve as master/mister. Well, evidently our NAMES (ships) live in townSHIPS. Why on earth would the word town be attached the word ship? They make it […]

Tweets from NativeBornCitizen

As part of my studies, I am transcribing (or copying/pasting) the tweets from the manager of NativeBornCitizen.com. This site has six essential (!) white papers that focus on: the difference between State citizens, such as Texans, and U.S. citizens, such as Puerto Ricans, and the difference between the states of the several states and the […]

Regulation says “subject to its jurisdiction”, and clarifies the 14th Amendment

A tweet clarifies the awkward wording of 14th amendment by citing a clearer regulation: It says a “citizen” is a person “born or naturalized in the United States” AND “subject to ITS jurisdiction”. So citizen = subject “U.S.” here refers to the federal government. That’s why they say “ITS jurisdiction” and not “their jurisdiction”Being a […]