Tweets from I am true sovereign

As part of my studies, I am transcribing tweets from ‘I am a true Sovereign People‘, the manager of the website, which has some of the best knowledge in this realm.

Aug 24

I’ve been helping people in the advance knowledge of the republic and making their claims as a State Citizen in contrast to a U.S. citizen, etc.

I am still waiting for each of you here to step up.

One cannot enjoy their true freedoms if they are U.S. citizens and taking a benefit from that system. If you continue to participate, then you have chained yourselves to a foreign political and legal system and you are a slave or a “subject-class citizen” which means you owe a duty to foreign federal statutory law. You will NOT be free. You will not have any true unalienable rights…only civil rights that can be given and taken away by those operating in de facto (not de jure) offices.

You will also be considered as an Enemy of the State. They do not want you to leave their federal reservation. They want you to submit to their false authority. This is not a game or BS… Who is going to step up or who is going to rely on someone else to represent or re-present them? No politician or judge can grant you your unalienable rights. They have absolutely no political or legal authority to determine on your behalf. Only you can self determine your political will.

July 8.

At the end of the Truman Show, director Christof gave his strongest plea for Truman Burbank to stay on the set when he said that “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.”

What reality have you accepted?

Is it the reality of being a U.S. citizen?

Every single people who struggles with understanding how the law works, cannot get beyond the illusion of the federal legislative democracy for it does appear real.

Yet it’s just a play & as long as you are wearing the mask of a U.S. citizen, you are a character in that play.

Observe this speech where it talks about the “one people” (each of us; individually) dissolving the political bands of government…

Here is another representation that each of us get to decide. We do not need others to make a declaration on our behalf.

I have successfully made a claim and given notice of my status & capacity as a State Citizen in contrast to a U.S. citizen. I do not need others to share in this vision in order to enforce my claim. You can also make this claim. However, if you think that being a federal U.S. citizen will convey you any rights and freedoms, then ask yourself, do you have a drivers license, gun permit, marriage license, etc.? Are you not aware that your Unalienable Rights as a State Citizen allows you to exercise your unalienable rights without taking a benefit and giving up your rights? I stand with authority when I speak these truths. I do not have any licenses and I have no fear of the policing powers via operation of law within that foreign federal system. Are you free or are you a subject-class citizen/slave?

Jun 12

Interesting Exchange after a “traffic stop”

Video: Do you have any firearms – I don’t answer questions.

Personally, I use a different strategy for I do NOT have a drivers license (no duty to get one) and I have made certain claims & given notice that I can hold in a court or any situation.

You see, this man DID cooperate by giving a drivers license and insurance info to that actor as law enforcement. The moment you participate in their play called “I’m a U.S. citizen,” by “use” of a drivers license or insurance or if this man had confirmed his address (“resident”) or giving a social security # or gun permit—ANY act which creates a minimum contact to their system—then you have traversed from the republic over to their federal legislative democracy.

Now witness what these actors as law enforcement said…he call the man he stopped a “sovereign citizen” and keep in mind that it is defined as a “domestic terrorist” and a “racist” and someone who is “anti-government” who “shoots police officers and blows up buildings.” These agents are so brainwashed and corrupt that they have no shame in their wickedness.

Yet what I have learned is to go to peace and do not engage in warfare with them. It does not comport to their training. One can peacefully resist by holding their law based upon the original organic republic, however, it is vital that you study to understand how these distinctive political & legal systems operate, otherwise, it is far too easy to make a mistake and abandon your unalienable rights.

This guy’s got another video that I found several points I’d like to highlight.

For instance, he asked if he was free to go and these actors as law enforcement told him he can only go a certain direction. That is ridiculous. Does anyone get that those acting in law enforcement are the ones who are lawless?

June 9

Do you wonder what I am broadcasting my knowledge with you?

That foreign federal system & it’s subject-class U.S. citizen can be arrested, denied using certain evidence in their defense & jailed for speaking the truth. Do you really believe you will be protected in that system?

Jun 7

Hence, when it was written that We the People have the right to alter or abolish the Constitution, we also have a duty to preserve it. How can you preserve the constitutional republic if you are not operating in that system by being U.S. citizens?

Remember, one cannot serve two masters and surely one cannot be a U.S. citizen and a Citizen of a several State of the U.S. of A. at the same time. Yet if you continue to vote, use legal instruments (drivers license, birth certificates, gun permits, marriage licenses, etc.) WITHOUT controlling those contracts and specifically reserving your unalienable rights, YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHTS! Again, look up the Doctrine of Constitutional Avoidance and understand it just takes one single event, a substantial nexus or a minimum contract, to that foreign federal system (legislative democracy) and you have abandoned the republic. This have been proven as a fact and all it takes is letting go of the bullshit and studying the White Papers on then taking the advanced course where you will learn how to create a paramount claim and give notice of your status and capacity as a Citizen of one of the several State of the United States of America and also learn how to properly contract and not contract and you will then have the ability to conduct yourselves with full/complete title over your private, God-given, constitutionally-protected & unalienable rights. You will truly be one of the Sovereign People (not Sovereign Citizens) and you can then have the authority to block their “collateral attack” attempts, shut down court cases and exercise your liberties.

Again, there is just narrow of opportunity for you to achieve these goals. I am not sure how long I will be around. NOW is the time. Later will be too late. The technology is so far advanced that if we’re going to fix this mess, we have to understand what we have doing to get into this mess in the first place. I put my life at risk to help all of you including those who are in those de facto offices who are actually doing themselves and their posterity grave harm. I stand for all people, but I can only help those who want to be helped.