Affidavit of Owner – from Red Right & Blue

From Red Right & Blue on Rumble.   Private Registration in the House of Flintstone; Custodia Legis.  Declaration by Affidavit  of Ownership and Administration         RE: Live Birth Document– XX State File Number ########## US Department of State File Number ##########  State of XXXXXXXXXX   Authentication Dated: Xxxxxxx ##, ####;  US Department of State: Xxxxxxx ##, […]

Signature-card of bank tries to Shanghai me into U.S. jurisdiction

The bank signature-card–to provide a signature when opening an account–can place one into the U.S. jurisdiction. The form prominently assumes ‘U.S. citizen’ or other ‘U.S. Person’ status. Only in de-emphasized print, below the U.S. citizen area, is there a note for non-resident alien depositors (that’s me!) must complete the W-8 form and not make the […]

The Income Tax Challenge. A transcribed interview with David:Williams of NoThanksIRS

. Editor’s Note: Content from No Thanks, IRS! – Helping Americans legally OPT OUT of income tax since 2009. ( ————————————————— The Income Tax Challenge Hello everyone. Welcome to our program today wherein we reveal information that challenges the popular narrative about federal and state income taxes. Many of the tax researchers who comprise the […]

Diagram: USA can’t control people, so they created corporations and taught us to answer for them

The diagram below illustrates how they create an LLC to deceive people into not asserting their unalienable rights. Scroll down for an explanation. The people created United States of America. That alliance is managed by United States, in Congress Assembled. Congress has limited powers, enumerated in the constitution. So they created a corporation called UNITED […]

Law differentiates between citizen and person. Person gets jail, while citizen loses voting right.

Richard MacDonald cites an old law from California that differentiates between a citizen and a person/persona. The first bullet below says a person will get jail time. The second bullet says a citizen loses right to vote. Richard says this proves STATE OF CALIFORNIA, the corporation, has control over persons, not citizens. Penal Code, Section 227. Every […]

Gov’t has directions for port-pass application without social security number; must sign declaration without united states

The Dept of State of USofA has directions for people applying for a port-pass without a social security number. They write: “fill in the passport application SSN box # 5 with zeros“. “fill out and sign” a declaration attesting “I have never been issued a Social Security Number by the Social Security Administration.” Here’s their […]