I’m not sending U.S. Mail. or using the U.S. Mails. Notes about general delivery.

Most companies offer a paper-less billing option. American Express, on their ‘go paperless’ page, shows two options overall: (1) U.S. Mail (2) Paperless. Of course, we know there is a 3rd option: post office drop-letters; meaning sending letters without [not part of] United States Mail. This screenshot shows clear as day that it’s not just […]

Using non-domestic letters to establish domicile. A miracle on thy street. Kris of the Kringles did it this way.

One way to prove domicile without/outside of federal jurisdiction may be to send oneself a letter or postcard using my non-domestic letter method. The letter would be sent to thee but would specifically state ‘without United States‘ and ‘non-domestic‘. If federal agents arrive at thy doorstep, thou could show the letter and state, “Well doesn’t […]