Video: CITY OF DENVER policy officers have ‘business cards’ because they are doing business

Scroll down for video Two CITY OF DENVER policy officers provided ‘business cards’ because they are literally doing business. The officers pulled up and intimidated the a man known for asserting his rights, in this case filming. The man requested the names of the officers, and the officers provides business cards. People operating businesses have […]

Video – Florida policy officers pressure man to id-entity as the U.S. person franchise. Man stands his ground!

See video below. 7:48 she keeps asking ‘do you understand?’ because this question technically means ‘do you agree you are bound by these statutes?’. Always need to answer, ‘me overstand’. And don’t say “I” which could be heard as ‘Aye’. 5:53 Woman officer says, “first things first…we need to identify who we’re talking to.” This […]