The USofA Constitution did not repeal or supersede The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union

Nowhere in The Constitution for The United States of America does it state that it repeals or supersedes The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. It’s common for new contracts to reference an old contract. If they make a new contract that is clearly inconsistent with a former contract, a court will hold that the earlier contract […]

Articles of Confederation still law; so U.S. Constitution must apply to something else

I had once read that the Articles of Confederation are still law and that the U.S. Constitution did not replace the Articles of Confederation, as i was taught. I recently read in Matrix and the Constitution that the U.S. Constitution only applies to the federal government or possibly the territories. The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution […]

The word “inhabitant” not “resident” is in the Articles of Confederation four times

As stated in other posts, the word ‘resident’ means to be temporarily in a location. So what is a better word? We can look at the Articles of Confederation which uses the word “inhabitant” four times, while the word “resident’ is not used. Here are three of the instances of “inhabitant”: The better to secure and […]

Supreme Court affirms that BOTH states and USA are sovereign, separately

The United States Supreme Court recently affirmed the theory that “federal and state governments are separate constitutional actors with their own sovereign authority,” wrote Robert Barnes for the Washington Post. This involved a case where the court ruled that people can be tried for the same crime by both federal and state governments. A man […]